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Pachter: PSP Go is priced “too high,” won’t have significant impact on PSP sales

Speaking with VG247, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter took the PSPgo to task, explaining that – without a price drop – it probably won’t be anything more than a teensy blip on gamers’ radars. “The Go is just priced too high for the perceived value. It may play music and movies, but most think iPod […]

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  • PSN 'Game Cards' coming to NA, skipping UK

    Retailers aren’t too fond of the PSP Go, and with good reason. After all, who needs crummy old brick-and-mortar when every game you could ever want lies at your fingertips? Joystiq cornered Sony with this pressing issue, and – shockingly enough – got a response. Sony of America’s keeping retailers in its corner with a […]

  • PSP firmware 6.10 introduces Bluetooth tethering, music stuff [Updated]

    Update: It’s live. Make with the downloading. Over on the PlayStation blog, PSN Operations Director Eric Lempel brings word that PSP firmware 6.10 is just about cooked through. No date yet, but it’s coming “soon.” Along with a couple of music-centric features, the update adds bluetooth tethering, which allows you to sync your PSP with […]

  • Fieldrunners confirmed as Mini launch game for PSPgo

    iPhone tower defence juggernaut Fieldrunners will release as a PSPgo Mini this week, it’s just been confirmed on the Euro PS Blog. The PSP version includes new maps, new towers, new music and “enhanced graphics,” according to that post. Can’t say fairer than that. Hit the link for more. Movie after the break.

  • PSP go Rewards promo to give away free games for all (ish)

    Sony just announced a promotion called PSP go Rewards, which will allow anyone with a PSP go to download three games from a selection of 17 for free. Provided you already own a current gen PSP, from the sound of it. Here’s what you have to do: Unwrap your shiny new PSPgo and start it […]

  • Sony shows PSP go peripherals at TGS

    Kotaku’s posted up some shots of newly-confirmed PSP go peripherals from the TGS showfloor, showing a Bluetooth stereo headset adapter, the amazing converter cable Frisbee, a cradle, AV cables and in-ear headset. Have a look.

  • PSP go converter cable allows PSP-3000 peripheral use, looks stupid

    Joystiq’s got some shots of a something Sony’s calling a “Converter Cable Adaptor,” which allows the use of PSP-3000 peripherals on PSP go. Which is great. Unfortunately, it looks ridiculous. No date. Which is probably a good thing.

  • Report: EB Australia not stocking PSP go

    A Kotaku Australia report appears to indicate that EB Australia won’t be stocking PSP go when it launches next week. There’s no mention of the handheld on the store’s site, and shop staff apparently said, ““EB aren’t stocking it,” when asked whether or not the machine will be available through the retailer. EBA’s head office […]

  • SCEA sends mixed messages on Minis patches and multiplayer

    SCEA PSN boss Eric Lempel has directly contradicted comments made by SCEA senior account manager Justin Cooney on the matter of whether developers are allowed to patch and add multiplayer to PSP Minis. “You can patch Minis,” Lempel told Destructoid, “but we won’t have multiplayer functions in the beginning. “Basically, to get these developers on […]

  • PSP Minis - No multiplay, DLC or patches allowed

    SCEA chap Justin Cooney told Gama this week that multiplay, DLC and software updates have been banned from PSP Minis in an effort to “accelerate the approval process.” “When you look at it from a testing perspective, you have to do more QA. [Allowing those features] would defeat the purpose of having a dedicated service […]

  • Dutch retailer refuses to stock PSP go

    Large Dutch retailer Nedgame won’t be stocking PSP go this October, the chain’s told Why? Two reasons. Firstly, it sees the €249.99 price tag – €80 more than the current PSP-3000 – as too steep. Secondly, the fact the console doesn’t use physical media means it won’t be able to sell any games for […]

  • Retail PSPgo GET - pics included

    Hello, Mr Postman. You have a parcel. It’s a retail PSPgo, sent by SCEE. Let’s open it. Take some pictures of it. Touch it. Such a pretty thing. It’s out October 1, RRP £224.99. Check out shots of the PS3 Slim we got this week here. You can get those right now: they’re very attractive […]

  • PSP Go battery removal a no-go because of piracy

    Sony couldn’t topple pirates with firmware, so the console-maker’s taking things to the next logical level with an all-out hardware based assault. The target: the PSP Go’s battery. “You won’t be able to rip your games and play them on the system, the firmware precludes that,” Sony’s John Koller told PlayStation Insider. “There’s no external […]

  • GamesCom: Videos for Digital Reader and PSP Minis

    Sony has released videos for both the Digital Reader and PSP minis. We have both posted after the break courtesy of Joystiq. For now, the Digital Reader is for comics only, but who knows what the future holds. Digital copies of Wuthering Heights, The Doppelganger or Atonement may not be just a pipe dream folks. […]

  • GamesCom: PSP Go to retail in the UK for £225

    A SCEE rep has confirmed to VG247  that the PSP Go will retail in the UK for £224.99. It comes as the platform holder gutted the price of the fat Playstation 3 tonight down to £249, while also sticking on the same price tag for the newly revealed PS3 Slim. We see some special bundles […]

  • Sony’s GC Press Event: Minis announced for PSP Go

    Sony announced during their GamesCom conference this evening that a set of mini-games, known simply as Minis, will be available from October 1: the day the PSP Go launches in Europe. They are 100Mb in size and will be available from the PS Store at launch and downloaded directly from the PSP. SCEE president Andrew […]

  • Sony's GC Press Event: Gran Turismo PSP free with registration of PSP Go in October

    More specifically, between October 1 and October 10. All you have to do is register your PSP Go and — bam — free download of Gran Turismo PSP. This isn’t just some measly demo, either. It’s the whole shebang, baby. The announcement was made during Sony’s GamesCom press event. More on the liveblog.

  • Rumor: PSN cards coming to Europe, launching with PSP Go

    Belgian site appears to have cracked open a hidden vein of European prepaid PSN cards, and will share its bounty with everyone else on October 1. The PSP Go — in all its download-only glory — also launches on October 1, so pairing it with PSN cards makes sense. The cards will apparently come […]

  • Sony considered twin analog sticks for PSP Go

    Sony dev boss Shuhei Yoshida’s admitted that twin thumb sticks were a “serious” consideration for PSP Go, although the feature didn’t make the cut due to compatibility issues. “We also felt — like many users — that we wish we had a second analog on the PSP,” he said, talking in the latest issue of […]

  • French retailers refusing to stock PSP Go? False, says SCEE

    A story doing the rounds last week that claimed French retailers were refusing to stock PSP Go was debunked by SCEE this morning. The original JeuxVideo piece claimed that “major retailers” had possibly forced Sony to not launch the handheld in France thanks to its lack of physical media – which means no ongoing games […]

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