PSP Firmware 4.0

Google working on a PSP – photo

And there it is. It works, and everything. PSP: allowing you to found out everything you need to about balls from your handheld wireless device.The search was added to PSP’s XMB as part of the Firmware 4.0 update this morning.

12 years ago

PSP Firmware 4.0 headlines

  • PSP Firmware 4.0 available now

    Sony’s just released Firmware 4.0 for PSP, adding Google search functionality and video speed control. Get it now.

    12 years ago
  • PSP Firmware 4.0 adds video speed control

    As well as adding Google search to PSP’s XMB, the now-announced PSP Firmware 4.0 will add the ability to speed up or slow down video being played off a memory stick, according to this PlayStation Blog post.No date’s been given for the release, apart from “soon”.

    12 years ago