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PSP Digital Comics Store update – Civil War, The Avengers

Both the EU and US PS Blogs posted updates to the PSP Comics Store today, which like PSN, will be updated every week.

11 years ago

Psp Comic Store headlines

  • PSP comics getting audio commentary

    IDW, one of the publishers initially supported PSP’s comic store, has said that Wormwood will feature commentary from artist Ben Templesmith.Sony has said the ability to add soundtracks to PSP comics is open to every label on the store.The store’s supposed to be launching mid-December. Best hurry up then, innit. Can we stop now?From IDW, […]

    11 years ago
  • PSP comic store to host 500 comics upon launch

    Sony has said that more than 500 comics will be made available at launch when the PSP Comic Store goes live in December.Big names like Marvel, 2000AD and IDW have signed on so far along with Insomnia, iVerse and Titan.At least with digital comics, you don’t have to worry about keeping them safe in mylar […]

    11 years ago