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DSi LL vs PSP – the comparison

Hey Radiohead, want to see what a DSi LL looks like against a PSP-3000? Wonder no more. Game-Watch has up some comparison shots of the two together. Find them here. In case you didn’t see earlier, the DSi LL launched earlier this weekend in Japan.

Psp 3000 headlines

  • SCEE: PSPgo has "performed in line with our expectations"

    SCEE has said in a statement to GI that sales of the PSPgo have performed in line with their “expectations”, with sales of up 100% for PSP hardware since the Go launched on Thursday. “PSPgo has performed in line with our expectations, driving 100 per cent incremental volume for the category and has benefited the […]

  • PSP go converter cable allows PSP-3000 peripheral use, looks stupid

    Joystiq’s got some shots of a something Sony’s calling a “Converter Cable Adaptor,” which allows the use of PSP-3000 peripherals on PSP go. Which is great. Unfortunately, it looks ridiculous. No date. Which is probably a good thing.

  • House: PSPgo feedback positive, initial consumers to benefit

    SCEE president Andrew House has told VG247 that initial feedback for PSPgo has been positive, and the consumers who hop on board first will benefit. The console was given prices of $249/€249/¥24,980 when the console was announced back at E3 in June. And only last night did SCEE tell us that it’ll retail for £224.99. […]

  • Sony's GC Press Event: PSP 3000 painting the town pink, turquoise, and purple this November

    Sony’s taken its PSP 3000 factory and parked it under a rainbow, resulting in three new, eye-scorchingly bright PSP colors. Turquoise blue, lilac purple, and blossom pink PSPs were announced, with turquoise and lilac being bundled with LittleBigPlanet and Hannah Montana, respectively. This could very well be one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever have […]

  • PSP Go versus PSP 3000 - Japanese photos

    Game Watch has upped a bunch of photos from a Japanese PSP Go event showing both black and white models alongside their PSP 3000 counterparts. There are some UI shots there as well. PSP Go releases on October 1.

  • SCEE boss: Still a "very large market" for physical media-based portables

    PSP-3000 will sell alongside PSP Go because there’s still an opportunity to sell disc-based portables, SCEE president Andrew House told GI at E3. “The decision to push [PSP Go] alongside PSP 3000 is absolutely the right one because there’s still a very large, untapped market there for a traditional, package media-based portable gaming,” said the […]

  • New PSP colours launch in the UK

    SCEE’s launched its trio of new PSP colours in the UK. The white, red and silver handhelds were announced early last month. There’s some nice pics through here. GameStation’s doing bundles for £140, if you’re interested.

  • Rumour: PSP-4000 next year

    Eurogamer’s rumouring that PSP-4000 will release next year. The site cites “publishing sources” as the root of the talk. The PSP-3000 launched this October and followed a 2000-series model, the first Slim & Lite, in September 2007. More through there.

  • Sony: No plans to fix PSP-3000's screen, hardware to blame

    If you’re one of the 140,000 who already snatched up a brand new PSP-3000, you’ve probably noticed a troupe of ugly scanlines on the handheld’s screen, skewering clean through your favorite games. Unfortunately, according to SCEI and SCEA, those scanlines are here to stay. “PSP-3000 has a new LCD device with vastly improved picture quality, […]

  • PSP-3000 out now in US, Friday in Europe

    According to this PSPF story, PSP-3000 has shipped in the US. The machine – complete with its brighter screen and in-built microphone – goes on sale this Friday in Europe for £150.

  • PSP-3000 to ship with Firmware 4.20

    Eurogamer’s posted up a hands-on with PSP-3000, confirming the new version of Sony’s handheld will ship with Firmware 4.20. Apparently: the new 4.20 firmware on the PSP-3000 reveals a “USB Auto-Connect” option, which promises to automatically switch the handheld to USB mode when a cable is connected. It will do this from anywhere on the […]

  • GameStop conference rumours: New Indy shown next week, GTA DS, more

    1UP’s posted a heap of rumours from the GameStop retail conference in Las Vegas, including a nice bit about the new Indiana Jones game. And here they are: Indiana Jones – First trailer of new PS3 and 360 game to be shown next week. Apparently it uses the Force Unleashed engine and will release next […]

  • Euro PSP 3000 slips by... two days

    SCEE told Eurogamer today that PSP 3000’s coming out in the UK on October 17, not October 15 as was confirmed by the firm at Games Convention. The price is still the same at it was at GC, though: £149.99. Phew.

  • PSP 3000 for October 16 launch in Japan

    Sony’s confirmed this morning that PSP 3000 will release in Japan on October 16 for ¥24,800 (£127.85). The unit, which features a brighter screen, built-in microphone and less battery life than its predecessor – will launch in Europe on October 31, priced £149.99. Update: According to this Kotaku story, some bundles have also been announced. […]

  • PSP-3000 battery life reduced by up to 30 minutes

    SCEA’s John Koller has confirmed that PSP-3000’s brighter screen means less battery life. Whoops. “Battery life will decrease by a small amount, it’s about 20 minutes maybe 30 minutes and that’s because there’s a larger power draw with the brighter screen,” he said in the Gamespot interview you can see after the link. The new […]

  • PSP 3000 bundle-only for now

    You might want to reconsider snatching up a sleek new PSP 3000 on day one – at least, if you like your money. SCEE President David Reeves told “We’re going to introduce PSP-3000 in October, and this will be sold initially as part of a bundle, with a piece of software. During this period, […]

  • PSP 3000 LCD to have twice the response time

    Engadget Japan has revealed that the LCD on the new PSP 3000 screen will have twice the response time of the current model. The new 3000 model has twice the colour gamut and five times the contrast ratio, too. So that’s great. Thanks, Joystiq. By Mike Bowden

  • 160Gb PS3 and PSP 3000 UK pricing confirmed

    Sony has confirmed to videogaming247 today that the newly announced 160Gb PS3 and the PSP 3000 will cost £339.99 and £149.99 repectively. The 160Gb PS3 will release on October 31 whilst PSP 3000 will launch on the 15th of the same month. By Mike Bowden

  • First images of PSP 3000

    The first images of Sony’s new PSP 3000 announced at the company’s press conference earlier today have been released and they’re over at PSBlog’s Flickr site. It does look very swish indeed. And silver. Do want. Have a look. By Mike Bowden

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