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EU PSN update, April 20: Fancy Pants Adventures, Pac-Man discounted

SCEE’s announced today’s PSN update for Europe, featuring the launches of The Fancy Pants Adventures, Battle: Los Angeles and Red Johnson’s Chronicles. In addition, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is discounted to an amazing £3.99/€4.99, down from £7.99/€9.99. If you don’t have this already, sort it out right now. The full update’s here.

Psn Updates headlines

  • EU PSN update: Might and Magic full game, Bulletstorm and Motorstorm DLC

    Sony’s just stuck the European PSN update live for the week, confirming you’ll be getting Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes and Konami’s classic franchise reboot of Rush n’ Attack: Ex Patriot today. DLC includes new gubbins for Moon Diver, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Funky Lab Rat and Bulletstorm. Get the full thing here.

  • EU PS Store update, March 30 - The 3rd Birthday, Chime Super Deluxe, Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime

    The EU PS Blog‘s put up details of this week’s PSN update, confirming releases for Kuju’s Chime special edition and the latest Ghostbusters game.

  • US PSN update, January 18 - Mass Effect 2, Spare Parts, PS Plus offers

    The PlayStation Network has awoken from its holiday slumber with what can only be described as a vengeance. The downloadable version of Mass Effect 2 takes centre stage, and PS Plus subscribers have access to a free trial of the Commander’s second batch of adventures.

  • EU PSN update, January 12 - Angry Birds, Tomb Raider Chronicles

    SCEE just dropped the European PSN update for the week, confirming the release today of the minis version of Angry Birds.

  • EU PS Store update, January 5: Borderlands full-price, no Angry Birds

    SCEE just put note of the week’s European PSN update live, and there’s no mention of Angry Birds at all.

  • US PS Store update, January 4: Angry Birds, Arc the Lad III released

    The US PS Blog’s gone live with this week’s American PSN update, confirming the release of the minis version of Rovio’s Angry Birds.

  • US PSN update - Much ado about a bunch of nothing

    Normally, we don’t call out Sony for providing a slim update to its PSN service, we just usually say its “thin this week” because we are a nice bunch of folks. Not so today. It’s rather dismal. Blame the holidays if you like, but its still pretty shabby. Read on below the break just in […]

  • Euro PSN update - January 14

    SCEE’s posted up the Euro PSN update, as you can see here.

  • US PSN update, December 17 - GT Academy and FFVIII edition

    The Americans got a decent PSN update yesterday, including both the GT Academy track and FFVIII as a full game. Radical. Don’t forget the Army of Two: The 40th Day demo, either. Get the full thing here. You can find the Euro content for this week here.

  • Euro PSN update, December 17 - GT Academy Time Trial edition

    Again, we’re late on this. But what the hey. Europe got a big PSN update yesterday, which included the GT Academy 2010 Time Trial test track. There are some nice full games there as well: Braid and the first two episode’s of Relentless’s Blue Toad Murder Files are all available now. Get the full run-down […]

  • US PSN update, December 3

    The US PS Blog’s put up the American PSN update for the week, this one featuring the nineteenth Qore episode. Call of Duty Classic’s on there, as is the Bayonetta demo. There’s a bunch of new LBP costumes, too. Here’s this week’s Euro update, in case you missed it.

  • Euro and US PSN updates - November 19

    Both the US and European PSN updates are detailed on the respective Sony blogs. Why we didn’t do these yesterday will have to remain a mystery. Must be getting close to the end of the year. Not much to be had on either, to be honest. Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao’s the only […]

  • US PSN update - Braid's released

    The US PS Blog just stuck up the weekly American PSN update. The most notable thing on it’s Braid for $15. There’s a bunch of DLC and a Dita Von Teese PSP theme, in addition. It’s bonus city: we’re all the mayor. Take a look.

  • Euro PSN update - Fallout 3 DLC, Jak PSP demo, more

    The EU PS Blog just put the Euro PSN update live for the day, and there’s a few notables in there. All the PS3 Fallout 3 DLC is now up at €7.99 a pop, as is a new Burnout Paradise bundle – including the game and the Big Surf pack – at £27.99/€34.99. For the […]

  • Euro PS Store update - Siren Blood Curse discounted

    SCEE’s dropped today’s EU PS Store update, and it includes a nicely discounted Siren: Blood Curse. You can now buy the entire game for £14.99, or individual chapters for £4.79. The offer lasts until November 12. That’s the best bit, to be fair. The rest of it’s a bit light. Take a look.

  • Euro PSN update, October 15

    The EU PS Blog’s gone live with today’s European PSN update, which includes special offers on Resident Evil 5 and CoD: WaW DLC, as well as the WipEout HD Fury pack and a new PSP Mini in Yeti Sports Pengu Throw. Nothing mindblowing, to be honest, but it’ll keedp you ticking over.

  • US PSN update, October 8

    The US PS Blog’s put up the American PSN update for the week, and it’s slim on PSP stuff after last week’s 100-game deluge. Critter Crunch is the only full PS3 game. Pick over the bones through the link.

  • Euro PSN update, October 8

    The EU PS Blog’s posted up today’s Euro PSN update, and there’s a good bunch of stuff to be going on with. Fallout 3 DLC Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta are both there for £7.99/€9.99, and there are a lot of full games this week including Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero?, Tomb Raider […]

  • Euro PSN update goes live, 20 full titles mark PSPgo launch

    SCEE’s just confirmed the content of today’s Euro PSN update, which includes 20 full games in celebration of PSPgo’s launch. The 13 Minis listed earlier are also included. American got 100 full games, but what the hey. All the big stuff’s below: FIFA 10 (£29.99/€39.99) (Available from Friday the 2nd of October) PEGI 3+ Beaterator […]

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