PS4 User Interface

New PS4 user interface screenshots surface online

We’ve already seen a fair bit of PlayStation 4’s new user interface, and now there’s a chance to get a closer look with a bunch of new shots. There’s a look at PS4’s Home, What’s New, Gallery Video, Live Stream, Profile Page, Share Menu, Video Edit, and Messages screens. The pictures were posted by PlayStation […]

7 years ago

PS4 User Interface headlines

  • PS4 UI images released as console passes FCC certification for sale in US

    Sony has released images of PS4’s UI as it’s announced the system has passed FCC certification in the US. The FCC report notes the weight, size and the console’s maximum clock frequency of 2.75GHz. The dev kit was approved by the government body last week. The UI shots are posted over on Gematsu.

    7 years ago