Ps4 Controller

This gold and diamond encrusted PS4 controller will set you back $14,000

Perhaps custom game controllers have gone too far, as you can now buy a gold-plated PS4 controller with diamond-studded buttons for just under $14,000.

Ps4 Controller headlines

  • PS4 - another shot of the rumored controller appears

    Another shot of the rumored PS4 controller has appeared online, courtesy of Digital Foundry. It clearly shows the headphone jack, and a better view of the touch-pad which looks less shiny than yesterday’s picture. Check it out below, along with Eurogamer’s video which dissects what is rumored so far. Thanks, DrDamn.

  • PS4 controller screenshot appears online - rumor

    Destructoid has been handed a screenshot of what appears to be the new PS4 controller. The site isn’t sure about it, and neither are we, but there you go. It shows the rumored touchscreen or touch-pad depending on the rumor, and revamped twiddle sticks, and appears to be plugged into a devkit. The controller looks […]

  • PS4 controller: new details emerge pre-reveal

    A VG247 source has seemingly confirmed that the PS4 controller will include a front touch-pad, speaking a week before the console’s expected reveal in New York.

  • PS4 - controller's "share" button function detailed - rumor

    More PS4 rumors have surfaced this morning, with sources telling Edge that the new console will allow users to record and save 15 minutes of gameplay, and that the recently leaked specs for the machine are “accurate”.

  • Sony ditching DualShock controller with PS4 - rumor

    Sony plans to retire its DualShock controller with PlayStation 4, according to a CVG source.