“PS3mote” chatter starts to stick, goes off air

Videogaming247 has received word from senior development sources today that the “PS3mote” rumoured by on Saturday is more than idle chit-chat. In particular, we’ve received one major off the record hint today that there’s truth in the report. As you can see, the site that originally posted the story has now been taken down. […]

12 years ago

Ps3mote headlines

  • Rumour: Sony tested "PS3mote" earlier this year

    According to this piece, Sony tested a motion-sensing PS3 controller in California earlier this year. From the site: You can have up to 4 of these “PS3motes” connected at one time. A demonstrator at this focus group was there showing off the “PS3motes” capabilities, along with some mini-games to play. The mini games ranged […]

    12 years ago