Ps3 Price Cuts

Exclusive: Andrew House talks to VG247 about price cuts and going digital in a retail market

Interview by Patrick Garratt. SCEE president Andrew House took time out of his busy schedule at GamesCom to have a chat with VG247 regarding all things PS3 price-cut, PSPgo, how important it is for developers to comprehend the PS3 hardware, and the future of digital downloads. Not only did House mention that Sony would  love […]

10 years ago

Ps3 Price Cuts headlines

  • Pachter expects Wii price cut before year's end

    Michael Pachter says that Nintendo will slash the price for Wii later this year in order for the company to meet its shipment target. “Wii supply has finally exceeded demand, so we expect hardware sales to show year-over-year decreases for the first half of 2009,” he said in a research note. “In order to hit […]

    11 years ago
  • OTX's Nick Williams: Only 1/3 of God of War purchasers own a PS3

    OTX’s Nick Williams has said that only two out of three people who plan on purchasing God of War III  currently own a PS3. The analyst retrieved that figure from recent company data, and said that if Sony does not address its price point it will continue to face touch times against competitors. “The price […]

    11 years ago