PS3 Firmware Update 3.0

SCEE “looking into” changing the redesigned friend list on PS3

SCEE has stated that its looking into to changing the redesigned Friends list that launched with PS3 firmware update 3.0. “The updates to firmware don’t always suit everyone’s tastes, but on the flip side there are those that really like the changes – except maybe the friends list – which we are looking into based […]

10 years ago

PS3 Firmware Update 3.0 headlines

  • Q Games says cost for PS3 Dynamic Themes development "far exceeds" any profits

    Q Games’ Dylan Cuthbert has said that it’s unlikely to earn any money developing dynamic themes for PS3, and is pleased with the system it helped create for Sony. The studio head admits that the firm is “proud” to also be one of the first developers to create themes for the system which adds interactivity […]

    10 years ago