Ps3 Firmware 2.80

PS3 firmware 2.80 has landed [Update]

Hold on to your hats, PlayStation firmware update 2.80 is now ready for launch. What does it do? Well, as we told you last month, not very much, we’re afraid; just a few minor tweaks to improve overall quality. Still, worth doing anyway, right? Thanks, CVG. Update: Oops! Seems like this has been out for […]

11 years ago

Ps3 Firmware 2.80 headlines

  • PS3 Firmware 2.80 incoming, doesn't really do much

    Woo! Another PS3 Firmware update’s on the way, this time taking the machine to 2.80. What does it do? “The playback quality of some PlayStation 3 format software has been improved,” according to this US PS Blog. Thank blimey for that. We’ll let you know when it’s up.

    11 years ago