Ps3 Exclusive

Sony’s London studio developing unannounced PS3 title

The LinkedIn profile of Martin van der Meulen, an employee of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, has revealed that Sony is currently developing an unannounced PS3 exclusive.

Ps3 Exclusive headlines

  • Heavy Rain producer says game would be "too difficult" for Xbox 360 to handle

    The PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain will not run on Xbox 360, according to the game’s director David Cage. “I think this game can only be done on PlayStation 3,” Cage told NowGamer when asked if the game was possible on 360. “We used all the SPUs, [and] I think to do the visuals, and all […]

  • Pre-order inFamous through GameStop, get exclusive in-game power

    Those who pre-order inFamous through GameStop will get an exclusive in-game power not available elsewhere, as you can see D’toid. When you reserve your copy, it will come with a code that unlocks the “Gigawatt Blades Power” which is essentially blades extending from the wrist, allowing a single blow to enemies. Apparently it allows you […]

  • inFamous soundtrack hitting the PlayStation Store in May

    The inFamous soundtrack will be available for download via the PlayStation Store on May 21 for $9.99. The score was created by electronic musician Amon Tobin, composers James Dooley and Mel Wesson, and electric cellist Martin Tillman. The April issue of Qore will feature a look into the game’s music. Read on for the press […]

  • Killzone 2 multiplayer servers will be up and running tomorrow

    According to this PS3Attitude report, online servers for Killzone 2 will be up and running by Wednesday, two days before the UK and US release. This should give the devs plenty of time to make sure the servers are prepared for the mass of folks just itching for some multiplayer action. Meanwhile, the game’s official […]

  • Brand new inFamous video is electrifyingly good

    A very busy, flashy inFamous trailer is posted after the jump. Called “I am Scared”, you may wish to skip it if you’re prone to fits and twitching. The PS3 exclusive’s out May 1 in the US and scheduled for March or September in the UK–depending on which retailer you check.