Ps3 Development

PS3 development to occur in-house from now on, says BioWare

BioWare has said that since developing Dragon Age: Origins for the PS3 was such a positive experience, that it will use in-house resources from now on when developing for the console.“We did partner with Edge of Reality [DAO on PS3], so we partnered with folks who have had the experience, and that was a good […]

10 years ago

Ps3 Development headlines

  • Free Radical: Technical issues with PS3 hindered Haze developement

    Free Radical’s Karl Hilton has told Develop that Haze “had a lot of development issues which meant it wasn’t the game it should have been,” and admitted that the teams problems getting the game to run on PS3.“A lot of them were technical issues,” he told the site. “The PS3 is a powerful machine but […]

    11 years ago