Zombies invade Australia, protest lack of R18+ game rating

Zombies invaded Australia again this year. Luckily for the continent they weren’t the types hellbent on a gray matter feast, though. Instead, the undead came in droves to protest the lack of an R18+ game rating.

10 years ago

Protesters headlines

  • Dante's Inferno protest was brought to you by EA

    Looks like the 20 or so protesters who stood outside E3 claiming Dante’s Inferno glorified eternal damnation were nothing more than bought-and-paid-for publicity. That is all really. Good thing we didn’t take it too seriously. Associated Press has more if you can be bothered.

    11 years ago
  • Protesters angry over US Army using FPS to recruit into armed forces

    A group of protesters gathered together in Philadelphia this morning and marched down to the Franklin Mills Mall to a US Army Recruitment Center. The purpose was to show its disdain for the Army’s use of videogames as a recruitment tool. This particular recruitment branch uses PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles loaded with FPS titles […]

    11 years ago