Project V

First-party PS3 game “Project V” is “retro shooter,” confirms JAW

Just Add Water has confirmed to VG247 that its upcoming first-party PSN title – Project V, a working title, slyly announced last week – is a cross-platform pew-pewer, old skool stylee.“It’s first-party for Sony, so we can’t talk about it too much, but it’s a retro shooting game,” said company boss Stewart Gilray.“It’s for PS3 […]

11 years ago

Project V headlines

  • Just Add Water card features ship, 2D landscape

    Remember the first-party PSN title Just Add Water is going to announce at E3? Project V?Some kindly soul just pointed us to this, the company’s Christmas card from last year.It features a flying ship, a coloured vapour trail and a 2D landscape.A hint?

    11 years ago
  • JAW to announce "Project V," first-party SCEE game, at E3

    UK developer Just Add Water has confirmed via Twitter that it’s to announced “Project V,” a first-party SCEE title, at E3.Nothing’s known of the game – genre, whatever – at this time. The company’s site does say it’s a PSN title, thouh.We’ll have some more on this for you very soon.Thanks, Superannuation.

    11 years ago