Project V

First-party PS3 game “Project V” is “retro shooter,” confirms JAW

Just Add Water has confirmed to VG247 that its upcoming first-party PSN title – Project V, a working title, slyly announced last week – is a cross-platform pew-pewer, old skool stylee. “It’s first-party for Sony, so we can’t talk about it too much, but it’s a retro shooting game,” said company boss Stewart Gilray. “It’s […]

Project V headlines

  • Just Add Water card features ship, 2D landscape

    Remember the first-party PSN title Just Add Water is going to announce at E3? Project V? Some kindly soul just pointed us to this, the company’s Christmas card from last year. It features a flying ship, a coloured vapour trail and a 2D landscape. A hint?

  • JAW to announce "Project V," first-party SCEE game, at E3

    UK developer Just Add Water has confirmed via Twitter that it’s to announced “Project V,” a first-party SCEE title, at E3. Nothing’s known of the game – genre, whatever – at this time. The company’s site does say it’s a PSN title, thouh. We’ll have some more on this for you very soon. Thanks, Superannuation.