Project Awakened

Steam Greenlight: sixteen more titles approved

Valve has announced it’s greenlit 16 more titles through its Steam Greenlight service such as Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut, Divekick, Operation Black Mesa, Project Awakened, and Among the Sleep.

Project Awakened headlines

  • Project Awakened dev explains why it scrapped its crowd-funding drive

    Project Awakened developer Phosphor Games recently axed its crowd-funding drive, in light of “alternative funding options”. Studio CEO Justin Corcoran has now explained why it decided to nuke its campaign.

  • Project Awakened funding put on hold "effective immediately," due to "alternative funding options"

    Phosphor Games has put funding on hold for Project Awakened “effective immediately.”

  • Project Awakened devs polling fans on whether to continue crowdfunding endeavor

    Project Awakened ‘s Kickstarter campaign fell short of its $500,000 goal earlier this week, but Phosphor Games isn’t giving up completely. Today, Joystiq noticed a poll on the official website, which asks participants whether they would be game for another round of crowdfunding. The firm is considering a direct PayPal account, along with the possibility of continuing “to work on […]

  • Project Awakened Kickstarter ends well short of goal

    Project Awakened has not, in fact, stirred from its slumber. The independent games crowdfunding campaign closed today with $338,498 in pledges from 6,287 backers. Despite the generosity of its supporters, with an average pledge of over $50, that’s just 67% of its $500,000 goal, meaning developer Phosphor Games will receive nothing at all. It’s a […]

  • Project Awakened Kickstarter nears end, still some way to go

    Project Awakened developer Phosphor Game Studios has been turning heads recently thanks to its Unreal Engine 4 tech demo that shows off a new level of character customisation. Unfortunately it still needs just under $200,000 to turn that dream into reality with less than 30 hours of crowd-funding to go.

  • Project Awakened Kickstarter updated with composer information

    Project Awakened only have three days left to reach its Kickstarter funding goal, and to help matters along, Phosphor has announced the game’s composer to be none other than Journey’s Grammy nominated Austin Wintory. He was also the composer for the firm’s mobile title, Horn. The project is currently sitting at $229,496 towards its $500,000 […]

  • Project Awakened: Unreal Engine 4 tech demo shows deep character customisation

    Project Awakened is the third-person action game from Phosphor Games Studio that asks the big question, “Who do you want to be?” The team has responded with an incredible Unreal Engine 4-powered character customisation mechanic. You can see it in action below.

  • Project Awakened lands on Steam Greenlight

    Phosphor Games has put its superhero action-sandbox title Project Awakened on Steam Greenlight. Now you have another place in which to cheer for it. You can still toss some money at the project on Kickstarter, where it has 18 days left to reach its $500,000 goal. A create-a-player prototype video is below. Thanks, Joystiq.