The best specialist controllers for PS4 – including mouse and keyboard converters

A DualShock might be a good start but trust us, there’s so much more.

3 years ago

Pro headlines

  • Euro 360 boss: "Time is right" to drop Pro

    European Xbox 360 head Chris Lewis has told GI that the 360 Pro pack’s been discontinued due to a need to “clarify” the machine’s SKU-base. “We felt that the time is right and there’s been a demand to clarify our SKUs and our offerings to the consumers,” he said, speaking after the announcement this morning […]

    11 years ago
  • Argos claims 60Gb 360 is no more

    UK retailer Argos is claiming that Microsoft has binned the 60GB Xbox 360. “We are very sorry but Microsoft have discontinued this line,” says the product’s listing (thanks EG). Multiple reports are saying Microsoft is about to ditch the Pro and drop the Elite £60 to take its place. You might want to read this […]

    11 years ago