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  • Prison Architect alpha build 7 now available

    Introversion has released a new build of darkly absorbing sim Prison Architect. The latest changes include prisoners with distinct characters and a restriction on doors requiring you to think about guard placement. As with all releases, now and in the future, the in-development version is free to everyone who’s pre-purchased. Grab it and check out […]

  • Prison Architect tots up over $1 million in pre-sales

    Prison Architect has attracted 30,230 sales for a grand total of $1,015,810 in revenue at time of writing. The simulation offers players access to alpha and beta releases during development, with prices starting at $30 and ranging all the way up to $500; the average is about $33. “What an incredible milestone. We are incredibly […]

  • Prison Architect's Alpha 6 update now available

    Prison Architect’s Alpha 6 update has been released by Introversion Software. A risk level has been added to the prisoner category, and the inmates also have their own backstory including prior convictions. Each prisoner has its own threat level, like most, and you can read more about the update on the forums. Introversion notes the […]

  • Prison Architect Alpha 5 version now available

    Introversion has announced the availability of Alpha version 5 for Prison Architect. The build includes new features such as staff-only zones prisoners are not allowed to enter, and emergency service callout which includes firemen, and improvements have been made to the foundations tool. The firm said the tool improvements are now “much more intuitive and […]

  • Prison Architect alpha 4 available now, fixes fog of war

    Prison Architect developer Introversion has released the fourth alpha build of its harrowing creation sim. Get all of the new updates below.

  • Prison Architect reaches Alpha version 3

    Developer Introversion has announced that Alpha version 3 of its prison simulator, Prison Architect, is now available.

  • Prison Architect has made $370,000 in four weeks, Introversion releases figures

    Prison Architect’s paid alpha funding process is paying off, as developer Introversion Software has just revealed that the game has made $370,000 in just four weeks. The game follows a similar funding model as Minecraft, giving players access to each new build as it is released.

  • Prison Architect: Introversion's Eurogamer Expo session live now

    No sooner did we post our interview with Prison Architect developers Introversion Software, did Eurogamer release the studio’s superb Eurogamer Expo developer session from September. In it, co-founder Chris Delay discusses the game’s mechanics, funding model and more. Watch it below.

  • Prison Architect interview: putting the triple-A market on trial

    Prison Architect is the grim new sim title from indie studio Introversion. VG247’s Dave Cook speaks with the dev about death row, shanking and the poor treatment of indies in the console market today.

  • Prison Architect dev outs Microsoft's costly approach to indie developers

    Prison Architect developer Introversion Software has spoken out against Microsoft’s costly Xbox Live Arcade certification process, and has suggested that big change is needed for the publisher to compete with Steam.

  • Iteration: would you pay for an unfinished game?

    More and more developers are releasing pre-alpha, buggy or unfinished games these days. VG247’s Dave Cook asks if this trend makes sense, or if it’s a slap in the face of gamers.

  • Prison Architect receives immense funding

    Introversion Software have received over $100,000 in funding for Prison Architect in just three days. The game sees players build and maintain a prison, complete with all the trials and tribulations that are involved with this task.

  • Introversion launches paid alpha version of Prison Architect

    Would you exchange cash for the chance to play an alpha version of Prison Architect? Introversion wants to know, and is tempting players with early access to its intriguing title.

  • Prison Architect to tackle complex social issues

    Introversion’s Chris Delay, the man behind management sim Prison Architect, has told Eurogamer that the title will deal with “a lot of the issues that occur in prisons,” but that he’s currently undecided whether its themes will encompass sexual assault.

  • First Prison Architect trailer released

    Darwinia developer Introversion has given a first look at its next project, Prison Architect.

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