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New Prince of Persia images released, video interview

Gamespot’s posted new shots of Prince of Persia. The gallery’s a mixture of old and new stuff, the fresh images being mainly art from the look of it. The site’s also posted a video interview with JC Guvot, the game’s creative director, which should stave off the pangs until the game’s properly revealed at Ubidays […]

Prince Of Persia Prodigy headlines

  • IGN gets pre-Ubidays hands-on with Prince of Persia

    Here. There’s a ton of new stuff in there, including a long run-down of how the combat works. Also, new character Elika is going to play a huge part in the plot, according to the piece, but the big reveal regarding that will happen at Ubidays on Wednesday. Co-op, or we’re Russian. Have a read.

  • Major new PoP4 character revealed – exclusive video

    Ubisoft has just revealed Elika, a brand new character in Prince of Persia 4. The woman is of major importance to the game’s story, and we’ll learn more from Ubidays next week, apparently. Check out the new speed-paint video after the link. This, coupled with these screenshots hitting the net today, means we’re very excited […]

  • First direct feed Prince of Persia shots are 100% incredible

    Colour us excited. Ubisoft’s released the first set of proper Prince of Persia screens, and they pound the previous scans into submission with their all-out awesomeness. Hopefully we’ll get more from Ubidays at the end of the month. After the link.

  • New(ish) Prince of Persia scans

    Tiscali Games has posted some scans of the new Prince of Persia, which look to be a combination of old and new stuff. Expect more from Ubidays at the end of the month.

  • Prince of Persia gets loose date

    The latest Ubisoft release schedule has dated the latest Prince of Persia game as a third quarter release. The game is very, very likely to be shown at Ubidays later this month. Just a wild hunch.

  • Edge Prince of Persia Prodigy reveal scanned in entirety

    Here. They’re good quality scans and perfectly readable. There’s a lot of new art in the feature, a few new screens and a full interview, so fill your boots. We wouldn’t be amazingly surprised if this showed up in the SCEE PlayStation Day tomorrow.

  • Mechner trademarks Prince of Persia Prodigy

    According to Trademork, Jordan Mechner’s filed to protect a trademark for Prince of Persia Prodigy. The site’s speculating that this may be the name of the in-development Prince of Persia title at Ubi Montreal. From the site: On April 15, 2008, video game designer Jordan Mechner, the creator and owner of the Prince of Persia […]