Primal Carnage

Primal Carnage: Extinction is coming to PS4 in 2015

Primal Carnage: Extinction is a multiplayer shooter in which you can play either as a dinosaur, or as the mercenaries hunting them.

Primal Carnage headlines

  • Primal Carnage gets new game mode, map and dinosaur skin DLC

    Indie shooter Primal Carnage now has several new free and premium content.

  • Primal Carnage free Get to the Chopper DLC now available

    Primal Carnage’s new free game mode, Get to the Chopper, is now available through Steam. In it, the Human team needs to reach set checkpoints in dino-territory on their way to an extraction helicopter, bypassing and killing as best they can the local prehistoric residents. It will be a bit tough as a Spinosaurus is […]

  • Primal Carnage: 'Get to the Chopper' DLC will be free

    Primal Carnage, the multiplayer game that sees dinosaurs and humans battling it out in what can only be described as a Jurassic Park enthusiast’s waking dream, is getting free DLC. The ‘Get To the Chopper’ pack will be offered gratis by developer Lukewarm Media. Get the details below.

  • Primal Carnage launch trailer invites you to be a dinosaur

    I’m aware that Primal Carnage also allows you to play as a human but look at this trailer; that guy is a pteranodon. And that one is a raptor. There’s a tyrannosaurus rex running around the battlefield. I wash my hands of anyone who still wants an assault rifle instead of the full fury of […]

  • Primal Carnage to release before the end of the month

    Prmal Carnage’s release date has been locked down with bare days to spare.

  • Primal Carnage beta access now open, at a price

    Primal Carnage, the multiplayer game that sees mercenaries and dinosaurs facing off in deadly combat has gone open beta, but it’s going to cost you. Like Jurassic Park’s John Hammond kept on saying, ‘spare no expense’.

  • Primal Carnage approaching beta, alpha footage looks sweet

    You guys know what a “squee” is, right? Having just watched a video of a squad based multiplayer game in which you can be a freaking dinosaur, I feel I understand it better than ever. Check out this delicious Primal Carnage footage; I doubt you will be sorry.

  • Lukewarm Media teams up with EVGA on Primal Carnage

    Lukewarm Media is teaming up with EVGA in a partnership which “aims to create a graphically stunning product that pushes the boundaries of current video game technology.” In other words, a really pretty game where you run around shooting a bunch of dinosaurs.