Price Rise

Lewis – 360 Arcade hike down to “currency fluctuations”

Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis has told MCV that the now-confirmed 360 Arcade SKU price hike to £159.99 from £129.99 is thanks in part to exchange rates.“We are making modest increases on the Xbox 360 Arcade console as you can see,” said the exec.“The reality now is partly to offset currency exchange rate fluctuations which […]

11 years ago

Price Rise headlines

  • Brit retailers: Wii price hike leaves no margin, will affect sales

    As expected, UK retailers have reacted badly to news that Nintendo’s to raise the trade price of Wii in the UK, with one saying the proposed rise will leave no margin on the hardware at all.“It’s very bad,”’s Igor Cipolletta told GI, admitting: “If it’s true that they want to increase it by [at […]

    12 years ago
  • Software prices may rise also, says Nintendo

    In light of today’s news of a UK Wii price-hike, GI is reporting Nintendo has refused to rule out that British software prices could also end up costing more.“The final price in the shops is always up to retailers but we will not be increasing the trade price of existing Wii or DS software,” said […]

    12 years ago
  • Nintendo - We hope consumers understand Wii price rise is for reasons "beyond our control"

    Nintendo has told VG247 it hopes consumers will “understand” that it has to raise the trade price of Wii in order to combat depreciation in the pound.The company confirmed today it’s raising the price of the machine by between £18-20, but insisted that any knock-on effect to consumers will be the fault of retailers.Here’s what […]

    12 years ago