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  • Report: "Xbox 360 and PS3 price cuts this year"

    MCV’s reporting word from a “senior global publishing source” that both 360 and PS3 will see further price cuts this year.

  • Pachter: PS3 and 360 hardware to get price cuts this summer

    Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter’s predicted that both 360 and PS3 will get further price cuts this year.

  • Amazon drops Wii to £140

    Amazon UK’s now listing Wii at £139.99. The pack includes Wii Sports. This is stock clearance before the introduction of the the new official Wii bundle for the region – a £179.99 package that ships with Wii MotionPlus, Wii Sports and its sequel Wii Sports Resort. Thanks, GI.

  • Reggie: "Literally millions" were waiting for Wii price cut and Wii Fit Plus

    NoA’s Reggie Fils-Aime reckons the recently-announced Wii price cut and the imminent launch of Wii Fit Plus will have a seven-figure impact to the machine’s sales. “There are literally millions of consumers out there who want a Wii and had been on the sidelines,” he said, talking to the FT. “They’d been waiting for that […]

  • PSPgo already dropping to £200

    UK retailers have already started dropping the price of PSPgo, with Amazon, Play, GAME and HMV now selling the machine for £199.99. It was £224.99 when it launched last week. SCEE said earlier today that PSP hardware sales have risen 100 percent since PSPgo released on October 1. Thanks, EG.

  • Europe gets €50 Wii price cut

    Nintendo’s confirmed a €50 price cut for the European Wii. Note: this doesn’t mean it’s coming down in the UK. The machine will now retail for €199 on the mainland. It was announced earlier this week that Wii’s UK trade price had been reduced by an unspecified amount, but no reduction has yet been seen […]

  • Nintendo drops Wii trade price in UK, announces new bundle

    Nintendo’s dropped the trade price of Wii in the UK and Ireland – having actually raised it earlier this year. The news coming on the back of retail price drop for the US and Japan announced at TGS today. Said the firm in a statement: We will be reducing the trade price of Wii to […]

  • Nintendo confirms Wii price cut effective September 27

    Nintendo’s just confirmed that Wii will drop in price from $249 to $199, as of September 27. The move concerns American and Japanese markets. Full press release is below.

  • Wii price cut on Friday - more evidence

    Wii is getting a price cut to $200 on Friday. In case you’re still unconvinced this is happening, take a look at the Best Buy email Engadget published last night. It’s going to be announced on Friday. OK? Thanks, Peter.

  • 360 Elite gets AU$100 price cut

    The Australian 360 Elite has been dropped AU$100 in price to AU$449 (£266), IGN reports. The Arcade remains at an RRP of AU$299 (£160), while the Pro is on sale at AU$399 (£213) while supplies last.

  • Report: "Retailer conference call" confirms Wii price cut

    Nintendojo’s reporting that a “retailer conference call” confirmed a Wii price cut for September 27. “Nintendojo can now confirm that such a cut is indeed coming,” said the site. “Wii will be reduced to $199, effective Sunday, September 27th, and will likely include retailers nationwide.” Asking Nintendo now. Thanks, Gorman.

  • Best Buy flier adds fuel to Wii price drop fire

    First Toys ‘R’ Us, then Target, and now Best Buy. Kotaku received the above flier from an alleged Best Buy tipster, and it looks mighty official to us. The crowd’s gathering. “Off with its head!” they’re screaming. Then, a metallic flash. The Wii’s price tag sits, rent asunder, splurting $50 bills all about. That’s the […]

  • Rumour - Wii price cut for end of September

    Kotaku’s carrying a supposed shot of a Toys ‘R’ Us ad listing Wii at $199. That’s means “price cut,” sports fans. The machine currently retails at its launch price of $249. The pack shown on the ad contains Wii Sports. The ad is apparently due to hit the week of September 27. Hit the link […]

  • Japanese 360 price cut confirmed

    Microsoft’s confirmed a price cut for 360 in Japan, as expected. And the numbers are: Xbox 360 Elite Previous Price: ¥39,800 (US$429) New Price: ¥29,800 ($321) Xbox 360 Pro Previous Price: ¥29,800 ($321) New Price: Open Xbox 360 Arcade Previous Price: ¥19,800 ($213) New Price: ¥19,800 All details on Kotaku.

  • Report: Japanese 360 price cut imminent

    Microsoft is to hold a press conference in Japan tomorrow in order to announce Asian 360 price cuts, according to Microsoft Hong Kong’s Julie Leong, NetworkWorld reports. According to that piece, parts of Asia-Pacific will begin enjoying dropped 360s on on September 10. The SRP of an Elite will be lowered by around 28 percent […]

  • PS3 price cut brings "relief," says Yoshida

    Sony WWS boss Shuhei Yoshida’s told GI that the GamesCom-announced PS3 price cut has removed a barrier to “success” for the company’s products. “We’re so excited about the products we’re working on for release this year, but if there was one thing that could have prevented the success of our titles we felt that would […]

  • Euro 360 boss: "Time is right" to drop Pro

    European Xbox 360 head Chris Lewis has told GI that the 360 Pro pack’s been discontinued due to a need to “clarify” the machine’s SKU-base. “We felt that the time is right and there’s been a demand to clarify our SKUs and our offerings to the consumers,” he said, speaking after the announcement this morning […]

  • Lewis - 360 Arcade hike down to "currency fluctuations"

    Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis has told MCV that the now-confirmed 360 Arcade SKU price hike to £159.99 from £129.99 is thanks in part to exchange rates. “We are making modest increases on the Xbox 360 Arcade console as you can see,” said the exec. “The reality now is partly to offset currency exchange rate […]

  • MS: Dropping Elite HDMI cable gives punters "flexibility" of choice

    Microsoft has told VG247 that dropping the HDMI cable from the newly-reduced 360 Elite bundle will allow punters to pick the HD cable of their choice. “In order to offer the Xbox Elite to consumers at a reduced price, now €50/£30 less at $249.99/£199.99, we eliminated the inclusion of an HDMI cable,” said a rep […]

  • Confirmed: 360 US Elite dropped to $299.99

    Microsoft’s confirmed the Stateside leg of its 360 price cut, saying the American Elite will drop to $299.99. The 60Gb Pro has been cut to $249.99, although production on the pack, which has been fully discontinued in Europe, has now ceased. The American Arcade unit remains at $200, which its price has risen in Europe […]

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