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gamescom 2010 – Press conference timings for today

Microsoft, Sony and EA are all lined up for major press events in Cologne today, as this year’s global games-fair roadshow staggers through Germany towards its Japanese finale at TGS next month. This is gamescom 2010, hein. Wir haben eine Einzelkarte nach Köln.

Press Conferences headlines

  • No Nintendo presser for gamescom, Microsoft "still finalizing" plans

    Nintendo has confirmed to VG247 that it will hold no gamescom press conference this year, while Microsoft has said it will soon solidify “plans”.

  • Live from Leipzig - Details of tomorrow's press conferences

    We’re in Leipzig. We suffered the train with no air conditioning from Berlin. We gesticulated wildly to make a nice German lady understand that we wanted a return ticket to the Messe. We’re stealing Games Convention’s free wireless as we type. It’s all happening. Games Convention 2008 kicks off properly tomorrow morning with the EA […]

  • IGN details live E3 coverage

    Everything’s here. Anyone will be able to watch the site’s live streams from the show, but Insiders will be able to do the full video thing. We’re going to do a round-up of all the places you’re going to be able to watch the conferences over the weekend. Don’t forget any of the timings: you […]

  • G4 announces E3 coverage schedule, live streaming of all conferences

    US TV channel G4’s announced its schedule for E3 coverage this year, and it looks extensive. All of the conferences are being broadcast without commercials, a good thing. Hit the link for all the details. Better, though, is a promise that all press conferences will be streamed live on the firm’s site, and not just […]

  • E3 press conference timetable shows packed schedule

    Here we go. More gaming information that you can force into your brain will be released next week, and we’ll be awake as much as we can be to post it all. As you probably want to know when things are actually happening, Kotaku’s kindly put together a timing list of all the press conferences […]

  • The 10 most memorable games tradeshow press conferences of all time

    E3’s shit. Well, most of it is, anyway. But prefacing a week of swanning around in Santa Monica and Hollywood doing a bit of typing and getting taxis, there are three business presentations that set the tone for the entire coming year in games. Undoubtedly, the E3 press conferences are videogaming’s annual highpoint, sometimes for […]