Preorder Bonus

Darkspore limited edition trailer and preorder bonus

Maxis has released a trailer for Darkspore, showing off the Limited Edition version and its exclusive, in-game preorder bonus, the heavily-armoured Maldri.

9 years ago

Preorder Bonus headlines

  • The Witcher 2 preorder incentives expanded

    Good Old Games has updated the pre-order page for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, revealing a slew of new bonuses for existing and – dare we hint broadly – new preorders.

    9 years ago
  • Pre-order Dragon Age: Origins through GameStop, get goodies

    Those who pre-order Dragon Age: Origins through GameStop will get some in-game goodies just for laying down five bucks.One is the Memory Ring which gives players an experience bonus and the other is a Feral Wolf Charm (GameStop exclusive) that increases health regen and provides a stat boost to armor.Game’s out in November and these […]

    11 years ago
  • Get entire set of Wargear for Dawn of War II

    To celebrate Dawn of War II’s release this Friday, Eurogamer ‘s giving away 500 sets of Wargear.The site will award 100 per day away to the first readers to log in to get their key.The DLC encompasses all of the pre-order offers, including the Chapter Command, Destroyer, Sniper, Sternguard and Vanguard.Keys are all out for […]

    11 years ago
  • Pre-order Guitar Hero: Metallica, get some swag

    What do you get when you reserve your copy of Guitar Hero: Metallica? You get this: GameStop – An exclusive second kick pedal GameCrazy – Guitar Hero: Metallica-themed drumsticks Best Buy – Some free tattoo sleeves to help freak out the establishment The 49 songs on the game disc were revealed in their entirety this […]

    11 years ago