PowerUp Forever

Namco announces PowerUp Forever

One of the most interesting thing to come out of Namco’s 2008 Editor’s Day this week was the announcement of a downloadable shooter called PowerUp Forever, scheduled for XBLA and PSN this summer. From Shacknews:Players will steer a fractal-based ship around a procedurally-generated level, firing away at various enemies. The visual style was very impressive, […]

12 years ago

PowerUp Forever headlines

  • Namco's 2008 Editor's Day - all the screens

    Shacknews has posted all the media from Namco’s 2008 Editor’s Day on one handy page, which is a win-win for everyone, frankly. You’ll find shots of Soul Calibur IV, Warhammer: Battle March, the newly announced PowerUp Forever, Tales of Vesperia, Afro Samurai and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm through that link. Don’t say we never do […]

    12 years ago