Portable Copy

PS3 Portable Copy “later this year”

According to this, the Portable Copy feature rumoured for the last PS3 firmware update will arrive “later this year”, the quote coming from an SCEA rep. Portable Copy is the ability to transfer a copy of a movie from a Blu-ray disc to your PSP. Quite how it works hasn’t been detailed as yet. PCWorld […]

12 years ago

Portable Copy headlines

  • "Portable Copy" firmware 2.20 addition's bollocks, says SCEA

    Here. The PS3 firmware 2.20, to release before the end of March, won’t include the ability to put Blu-ray movies in the machine and send an SD version to a PSP, despite what PC World thinks. Consider that cleared up (thanks Syrok).

    12 years ago
  • "Portable Copy" PS3 firmware functionality appears from nowhere

    PCWorld – that most reliable source of PlayStation 3 firmware-related news – is claiming that version 2.20 of the console’s software “exposes ‘Portable Copy,’ which enables PS3 users to copy a standard-definition version of the Blu-ray movie to a PlayStation Portable (PSP).” There’s no mention of the feature in SCEE’s press release about the firmware […]

    12 years ago