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  • New Fez trailer shows off quasi-3D level designs

    Polytron has released another of its “postcard”-style trailers for Fez – now with added high speed rotation.

  • Polytron debunks Xbox Live Marketplace's Fez release date

    Microsoft ignited indie-loving hopes by popping a May 2 release date on anticipated puzzle platformer Fez, apparently purely for the joy of dashing them again.

  • Fez submitted to Microsoft for certification

    Fez is done, apparently. This Polytron tweet confirms the 2D/3D indie platformer has been submitted for certification.

  • FEZ rated by ESRB for Xbox Live Arcade, still set for "early 2012"

    Polytron has announced its 2D platformer set in a 3D world, FEZ, has been rated by the ESRB for Xbox Live Arcade. It was rated by PEGI for Europe back in December, but has yet to hit the Aurtalian ratings board, according to Joystiq. In development from Phil Fish and company since 2007, FEZ is […]

  • Gaze in wonder on this extended Fez screenshot video

    I’m in some kind of food coma, ao this gorgeous “screenshot” from Fez – actually a two minute video of zen-like bliss – is exactly what I need. That, and insulin. If you like what you see through the break, you’ll find a few more on developer Polytron’s website. Fez was recently delayed into 2012, […]

  • Fez delayed into early 2012

    Fez creator Phil Fish has announced that the game’s been delayed again, this time into early 2012. The indie puzzler was slated to release via Xbox Live Arcade this year, although Polytron’s delayed it several times. However, to keep you a bit satisfied until then, a video of sorts has been posted showing off the […]

  • Wednesday Shorts II: Worms, charity, Felicia Day, SWTOR, Alan Wake

    It’s time for more little bits of news in one spot so you don’t have to read as much. Save your lovely brains for zombies instead. They need to eat too, ya know.

  • Fez developer: WiiWare "dismal", not "worth our time and effort"

    Phil Fish, creator of the highly anticipated indie puzzler Fez, has explained why the game won’t arrive on a Nintendo platform any time soon. And told WiiWare to go away in a very impolite way.

  • Fez trailer shows off gameplay footage

    Fez is lovely and beautiful and clever and indie and utter, glorious madness. Here’s a trailer to prove it.

  • Fez trailer confirms it's still boggling

    The long-delayed Fez was playable at PAX east over the weekend, and has been confirmed for publication as a collaboration between developers Polytron and Trapdoor. Hooray! Celebrate with this trailer.

  • FEZ confirmed for XBLA in 2010

    Quirky puzzle-platformer FEZ is on the way to XBLA next year, as confirmed here. FEZ features Gomez, “a 2D man on a voyage of discovery into the mysterious 3rd dimension.” Looks cool. More here. Thanks, deftangel.

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