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PS4 and PS Vita get a lot of new indie announcements, all here

PS4 architect Mark Cerny took to the stage during Sony’s gamescom press event and discussed more of the consoles technical innards.

Polytron Corporation headlines

  • Fez 2 has been cancelled, according to Phil Fish

    Fez 2 has been cancelled, according to a statement from Phil Fish and a tweet posted on Polytron’s Twitter account.

  • Fez made 105,000 sales in Steam Summer Getaway Sale

    During its 50% off sale last week, indie 2.5D platform puzzler Fez was purchased over 105,000 times.

  • Fez Xbox live patch inbound at last

    Polytron Corporation will patch Fez on Xbox Live Arcade, possibly thanks to Microsoft’s decision to reduce fees associated with title updates.

  • Fez is now available on Steam, GOG for PC

    Fez is now available on Steam, the game’s official website, and GOG for $9.99. Pre-orders for the title on PC went live on April 22. Fez has sold 200,000 copies on Xbox Live since its launch a year ago.

  • Fez PC pre-orders open on April 22

    Fez on PC is really happening, you guys; Steam and GOG.com will both open pre-orders for the indie platform-puzzler on April 22. Polytron is offering 10% off on pre-orders of the $10 former Xbox Live exclusive ahead of its May 1 launch. Fez has sold 200,000 copies on Xbox Live since its launch almost exactly […]

  • Fez sales top 200,000 on Xbox Live Arcade

    One year on from release, Polytron Corporation’s much-praised puzzle platformer Fez has sold 200,000 copies on Xbox Live. Creator Phil Fish revealed the figure in a blog post, thanking players for their support, fanmail, and giving him the chance to “spend years driving myself crazy trying to make something beautiful so you can run around […]

  • Fez headed to "pretty much" every platform, except 3DS

    Fez creator and lone Polytron survivor Phil Fish has said he wants Fez to release on almost everything, notably entering negotiations with Sony but ruling out the 3DS.

  • Fez coming to Steam in May

    Beloved indie puzzle-platformer Fez will make the jump to PC in May, escaping the clutches of Xbox Live Arcade exclusivity.

  • Phil Fish has two games in the works

    Phil Fish has announced he is working on two games, one of which he started on during the development of FEZ.

  • Fez patch now in certification

    Oh hey, so you know what’s still going to be patched? Fez. According to developer Polytron, a patch was submitted for certification in early March but was rejected. It took the team quite some time to identify and correct the issues Microsoft raised, but the revised update is back in certification, so we should hear […]

  • Polytron "aware" of certain issues with FEZ, working on a fix

    FEZ developer Polytron Corporation has said it is aware of issues being reported with the game on Xbox 360 and is working with Microsoft to get the problems resolved as quickly as possible.

  • Fez launches on Xbox Live Arcade next month

    It’s been a long time coming, but Polytron has finally announced a release date for its award-winning indie puzzle platformer, Fez.

  • Fez trial video contains 6.5 minutes of gameplay footage

    Polytron has released a new video for Fez, which features around 6.5 minutes of gameplay footage. You can view it through the official site, or through the Youtube video posted by AGB below. The game is currently undergoing the certification process for release on XBLA.

  • New Fez trailer shows off quasi-3D level designs

    Polytron has released another of its “postcard”-style trailers for Fez – now with added high speed rotation.

  • Polytron debunks Xbox Live Marketplace's Fez release date

    Microsoft ignited indie-loving hopes by popping a May 2 release date on anticipated puzzle platformer Fez, apparently purely for the joy of dashing them again.

  • FEZ rated by ESRB for Xbox Live Arcade, still set for "early 2012"

    Polytron has announced its 2D platformer set in a 3D world, FEZ, has been rated by the ESRB for Xbox Live Arcade. It was rated by PEGI for Europe back in December, but has yet to hit the Aurtalian ratings board, according to Joystiq. In development from Phil Fish and company since 2007, FEZ is […]

  • Polytron's Super Hypercube to be released as a Kinect title

    Polytron Corporation’s Phil Fish has said Super Hypercube, a collaboration with Kokoromi which was a finalist this year at IndieCade, is now to be released as a Kinect title.