Lewie’s Weekly Deals – The Beatles: Rock Band for a fiver

Got a few spare quid? Why not buy yourself a game? Go on, you deserve it. These are so cheap, you’d be wasting your money by not buying them. It’s Lewie’s Weekly Deals, the roundup of the best offers going on games every week. For updates on gaming bargains throughout the week, get yourself over […]

Playtv headlines

  • SCEE "aware" of PlayTV issues, hopes to have a solution "shortly"

    SCEE has said its is aware of a system-crashing bug plaguing PlayTV and it is working on the matter.

  • Studio Cambridge working on PlayTV 2

    Senior producer at Studio Cambridge Mark Green has told SPOnG that it’s currently working on PlayTV 2.

  • PlayTV updated to 1.21

    SCEE just said PlayTV’s been updated to 1.21. New stuff: It now lets you “watch, pause and record High Definition TV for DVB-T standard broadcast.” Aino remote play support added. Updates PS3 to Firmware 3.0. If you haven’t done it already, you’ll need it for the mobile functions. “Better” SD upscaling. Amazatron. Hit the link […]

  • 85,000 PlayTV units ship in the UK

    According to this GI story, Sony’s confirmed it’s shipped 85,000 units of PlayTV in the UK. The hardware add-on, which acts as a freeview box and personal video recorder, went on sale last weekend for £70. Everyone we know who has one can’t stop banging on about it. Which is clearly why 85,000 of them […]

  • SCEE wins three at GC

    We were mailed about this last night but couldn’t open it, for some reason. SCEE won awards at GC08 for Best PS3 Game (LBP), Best PSP Game (Resistance: Retribution) and Best Innovation (PlayTV). And that’s it. Read more on ThreeSpeech.

  • PlayTV gets 8/10 on Eurogamer

    Eurogamer has reviewed Sony’s new set-top box, PlayTV, giving it 8/10. This of course means the all singing, all dancing, record-the-telly-whilst-you-play-Resistance 2, £69.99 wonder is as good as Halo and MGS4, but not quite as good as GRID or Splinter Cell: Double Agent. However, if that doesn’t sell it you, you can read more about […]

  • PlayTV dated for September in UK

    SCEE president David Reeves has said that its PlayTV service will go live in the UK from September 10, with a European rollout continuing through to December, writes Eurogamer. This is a little later than the July 31 date we were given back in May, but there you go. “Yep, it’s going to be September […]

  • SCEE PlayStation Day: Last sets of screens from the asset disc

    Just to add to this lot of screens and movies, here are the last shots we missed from the asset disc handed out at the SCEE PlayStation Day yesterday. MotorStorm Pacific Rift shots Siren: Blood Curse shots SingStar Vol. 2 shots SingStar PS3 shots PlayTV shots Elefunk shots PixelJunk Eden shots

  • PlayTV show recordings can be taken off PS3s

    According to this, TV shows recorded using PlayTV on PlayStation 3 can then be dragged off the machine as MPEG2 files onto any memory stick or PC. “We’ve talked to our legal department about it,” said Mark Bunting, a producer at Sony’s Cambridge Studio. “All we’re doing is moving it out of PlayTV and to […]