FFXIII – Edge and OPM playtests scanned‘s posted up scans of Edge and OPM playtests of Final Fantasy XIII, the first in the world. The images are of excellent quality, and both features are extensive. Get to it. The demo’s out on April 16 in Japan.

Playtest headlines

  • GTA IV: The Lost and Damned gets playtest netsplosion

    Rockstar’s lifted a playtest embargo on GTA IV: The Lost and Damned, meaning 3,000 websites have gone live with simultaneous impressions. The content – exclusive to 360, in case you’d forgotten – will release on Febuary 17. As all these articles will tell you repeatedly. For ease, some links. Play spot the difference. CVG Gameplayer […]

  • Actual, proper, real hands-on with Alone in the Dark

    Gamespot’s actually played Alone in the Dark, then written words about it on the internet. The piece runs from the beginning of the game and takes in combat, the inventory system, explosions, fire and fighting a zombie with a frying pan. In summary: Overall we were really impressed with the way Alone in the Dark […]

  • Journalist has finished "open-world" MGS4

    IGN hack Jeff Haynes has been to Konami in Japan and finished MGS4. As you can see here, in a piece entitled, “I’m the first American in the world to have beaten MGS4, which is freaking awesome,” Jeff’s pleased by this. You should read all of this, but a stand-out bit says that the game’s […]