Playstation Store Revamp

PS3 Firmware 2.30 out now, new PS Store live

According to multiple reports, PS3 Firmware 2.30 has now been released and the new PS Store is up. Impressions of the new Store are good so far and there are bound to be dozens more throughout the day, so we’ll keep you posted. Update: Read our impressions of the new Store here.

12 years ago

Playstation Store Revamp headlines

  • PS Store revamp will dump the PS3 browser, require PS3 firmware 2.30

    Says so here. It also says in that piece that the update – announced today for a mid-April launch – will require everyone to update to firmware 2.30. SCEE hasn’t talked about the new software update yet, but you’re going to be getting it in the next couple of weeks, if that’s to be believed.

    12 years ago