Play-Asia has launched its Black Friday sale early

The international online retailer has launched a range of discounts a couple of weeks out from Black Friday itself.

2 years ago

Play-asia headlines

  • Giant Play-Asia sale on now

    Forgot to post this last night. There’s a massive sale on at Play Asia, with over 5,000 items discounted and a prize draw to win Japanese stuff. Go have a look. There’s bound to be something you’ll want to waste your money on.

    12 years ago
  • Lost Odyssey on sale for Euro Xbox 360's, in English, right now

    Lost Odyssey’s now on sale on Play-Asia, in English, on a disc that will play on Japanese and European Xbox 360s. We’re still waiting to hear from Microsoft as to whether or not the games was released in India last week, but this looks as though Europeans can get what is apparently a sensational RPG […]

    12 years ago