Eidos confirms Pivotal redundancies

In a statement to GI, following news yesterday that Conflict developer Pivotal Games is to close, Eidos has confirmed that 95 staff are to be sacked whilst only around 10 to 12 artists will remain with the company. “The number of jobs which will be made redundant at Pivotal Games will be between 93 and […]

12 years ago

Pivotal headlines

  • Conflict developer Pivotal to close

    According to this GI story, Pivotal Games is to close. The outfit is the developer of Eidos’s Conflict series. Virtually all of the company’s staff have been made redundant, with the rest to follow in three months. “Eidos’ parent company SCi Entertainment Group announced on February 29 its plans to re-structure its business and to […]

    12 years ago
  • Buy Conflict on Steam, get Deus Ex for free

    According to this, anyone buying Conflict: Denied Ops through Steam will get the Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition completely free. You really can’t say fairer than that. “This offer ends on February 12th in North America, February 8th everywhere else,” said the statement.

    12 years ago
  • New Conflict has "auto-adjust difficulty level"

    Radical. Conflict Denied Ops alters its difficulty dynamically as you work through its campaign, according to Pivotal’s Terry Watts, and for those determined to be harder than hard, there’s a hidden super-tough level only unlocked after you beat the hardest setting. “We’ve got three difficulty levels, and a fourth that’s unlockable once you’ve completed the […]

    12 years ago