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  • THQ: 3DS will "really combat piracy"

    THQ publishing boss Ian Curran has told CVG that 3DS will help “combat piracy,” making it more attractive than previous DS iterations.

  • Namco says Ubi's DRM policy is "good" for now

    Namco Bandai VP Olivier Comte has said that he thinks Ubisoft’s PC DRM policy is “good” for the moment because there’s “nothing else that will work” against piracy at the moment.

  • Nintendo has plans in place to combat piracy on 3DS

    Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed Friday – following the company’s earnings report – that there are plans in place to combat the growing problem with piracy of DS games.

  • DS piracy blamed for 50% drop in European software sales

    European DS software sales have dropped 50 percent recently thanks to pirates, Nintendo’s claimed.

  • GTA: Chinatown Wars unit sales accounted for 50% of M-rated titles on DS

    Take-Two CEO Ben Feder has told MCV that unit sales of GTA: Chinatown Wars in the US “represented nearly 50 percent of the unit sales of all M-rated DS titles in the history of the platform.”

  • Guy steals Breach code from PAX, gets arrested

    While Atomic was showing Breach at PAX East over the weekend, an attendee at the booth attempted to steal the game’s code. After stealing about 14Mb of the game’s code, he ran off upon discovery, and was luckily apprehended a bit later.

  • Rumor: Ubisoft DRM already cracked

    One of DRM’s many problems has always been its staying power. Publishers build their walls higher and higher, but pirates just bulldoze right over them time and time again. Ubisoft, however, thought its anti-piracy solution was different. And, unfortunately (or extremely fortunately, depending on how you look at it), Ubisoft thought wrong.

  • SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 requires registration for online play

    Sony has decided to fight back against used game sales by requiring customers who purchase SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 to register through the internet before being able to play multiplayer online.

  • Ubisoft to ditch StarForce DRM for new application

    Ubisoft has announced it’s replacing its StarForce digital rights management application for a newer method.

  • Craigslist has loads of modded 360s that were banned

    With recent the recent wave of modded Xbox 360 console bans by Microsoft, loads of these boxes are going up on Craigslist. According to a report on CNET, these modded come with a “slew of hit titles” if you want one despite the fact you can’t log into Live with ’em. One listing promised a […]

  • Microsoft responds to XBL bans over modded 360 consoles

    Microsoft has responded to the wave of bans on Xbox Live over modded 360 consoles, and while it has decided to remain mum on specific figures, it was quick to remind consumers that piracy is illegal and subject to consequences. “While we don’t comment on specific numbers, Microsoft’s commitment to combat piracy and support safer […]

  • Survey: Only 10% of developers say that piracy's a "significant threat"

    The results of the latest TIGA survey are in, and it appears that the majority of UK game developers have this whole piracy thing under control. While 90 percent think piracy is an “increasing problem,” 60 percent see unlawful plundering and pilfering as only a “low threat” to the viability of their companies. A mere […]

  • PSP Go battery removal a no-go because of piracy

    Sony couldn’t topple pirates with firmware, so the console-maker’s taking things to the next logical level with an all-out hardware based assault. The target: the PSP Go’s battery. “You won’t be able to rip your games and play them on the system, the firmware precludes that,” Sony’s John Koller told PlayStation Insider. “There’s no external […]

  • Ubisoft: Sales of DS titles drop 67%

    During Ubisoft’s financial call to investors, CEO Yves Guillemot revealed that new and back-catalog DS games sales dropped 67 percent compared to the same time frame as last year. The blame was put on DS piracy in Europe and the company does not expect titles for the handheld to pick back up until summer roles […]

  • Ubisoft hit hard by piracy, working on solution

    In an earnings call today, Ubisoft announced a 50 percent sales drop from the same quarter last year, and attributed the brunt of that heavy blow to piracy. “Altogether on console, the piracy is low,” Ubisoft head Yves Guillemot said. “On the PC the piracy is quite a lot. We are working on a tool […]

  • USTR puts Canada on Priority Watch List for piracy

    U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk has placed Canada on the Priority Watch List for piracy alongside Algeria, Argentina, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, and Venezuela. This is the first time Canada has been put on such a list by the US government, and after complaining to the country for some time now […]

  • Former FCC staffer appointed ESA's head of government affairs

    The ESA has appointed Jennifer Manner as its new senior vice president for government affairs. This position most likely stems from a report filed by the ESA regarding piracy concerns in Europe. “The entertainment software industry is faced with a variety of challenges and opportunities at the national level from protecting intellectual property and preserving […]

  • Europe is "rife" with piracy says ESA

    The ESA has filed a special report with the US trade representative outlining how “rife” piracy is in Western Europe. According to the report, during December 2008 thirteen different titles were downloaded 6.4 million times — two titles accounted for 4.7 million of those downloads “Piracy is the single greatest threat to the innovation, artistic […]

  • Don't punish the pirates, says Moore

    Missed this yesterday in all the Games Convention madness, but in an interview with Eurogamer, Peter Moore said that he feels that there are better solutions to tackling piracy than hurting consumers financially. “There are better solutions than chasing people for money,” Moore says. “I’m not sure what they are, other than to build game […]

  • Hollenshead: Piracy is "hidden benefit" when you buy a PC

    Speaking with GI, id Software CEO, Todd Hollenshead, said that piracy is a “hidden benefit” when you buy a PC. When asked about what PC manufacturers could do to help prevent piracy, Hollenshead replied: “There’s lots of things that they could do but typically just they just line up on the wrong side of the […]

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