The FIFA 12 demo – why it points to a sweet taste of PIE

The FIFA 12 demo is good. So good, in fact, that it’s likely to mean that the combined FIFA 12 review you’re about to see splattered across the internet will report nothing short of a physics revolution. Lee Hall has the story.

9 years ago

Pie headlines

  • Rumour - Nvidia's Tegra to power next-gen DS

    Bright Side of News is rumouring that Nintendo is planning on using Nvidia’s Tegra tech to power the next DS – which is apparently due in late 2010.As Engadget points out, “The primary source on this comes from Bright Side of News (which doesn’t have a big track record to judge by), who claims the […]

    10 years ago
  • Google could be games publisher, says man

    This Forbes piece, authored by journalist Chris Morris, argues that Google may be considering becoming a games publisher.In a nuthshell:While most videogame makers rely heavily on brick and mortar retailers to drive sales (something Google isn’t currently set up for), digital delivery is a rapidly growing industry. Valve Software has seen success with its Steam […]

    12 years ago