Philip Oliver

Dizzy Returns Kickstarter intends to reboot classic franchise

Gaming icons of the current generation step aside. Philip and Andrew Oliver, creators of long lost Codemasters hero Dizzy, are calling on fans to help fund an overdue return through Kickstarter.

7 years ago

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  • Bizarre, Codemasters, Disney all confirmed for Develop Liverpool

    Organisers for the one-day Develop Liverpool event have confirmed more developers to speak at it, including Bizarre Creations, Codemasters’ F1 dev team, Disney, Sony and more.

    9 years ago
  • Oliver on Blitz Arcade and Blitz 1>UP - "Digital distribution is the future"

    Blitz boss Philip Oliver has told VG247 that he believes digital distribution is “the future” for smaller games, and has outlined progress made with Blitz 1>UP, an in-house program designed to help tiny developers see their titles become commercial products. And why not? Oliver says that digital distribution allows for “experimental” games, micro-payments and piracy […]

    11 years ago
  • GDC: Blitz shows 1080p120 3D game: the reaction? "Wow"

    “Blitz has created the first console software solution for rendering games for 3D TVs,” Blitz‘s Philip Oliver told us at GDC yesterday. It’s another gimmick, right? Oliver is convinced not. So is the British journalist that sent us frantic MSN messages past midnight last week after seeing the tech demoed at the developer’s UK offices. […]

    11 years ago