Phil Wright

FUEL: Weather is a “key player” in massive racer

Weather changes in open-world Codemasters racer FUEL aren’t just cosmetic, producer Phil Wright’s assured VG247. They’re a “key player,” apparently. “For must games [weather’s] usually just for effect, but in FUEL we wanted to make a feature of it as well,” said the developer. “Weather is a key player in the fictional backdrop of the […]

11 years ago

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  • FUEL is officially the "biggest console game of all time"

    Guinness World Records has recognised Codemasters racer FUEL as having the largest playable environment of any game. The open-world racer packs 5,560 of US terrain. Apparently, this is the approximate area of Trinidad & Tobago, and larger than Hong Kong, Singapore, St Lucia and the Isle of Man put together. Fancy. “We knew FUEL was […]

    11 years ago
  • FUEL is "arguably the most open-world game there is"

    Codemasters racer FUEL may be the most open game ever created, according to producer Phil Wright. “FUEL is arguably the most open-world game there is,” Wright told VG247. “Apart from the artificial boundaries at the edges of the game world, the only impediments to going where you want are natural, be that water, a sheer […]

    11 years ago