Peter Edward

Sony: “Have another look” at PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home platform director Peter Edward has encouraged players to come back and take “another look” at the service.

10 years ago

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  • Sony gives break down of Home figures as it reaches 7 million users

    Peter Edward, director of Home for SCEE, has broken down figures for the platform by region, demographic and content.Without further ado, here it is courtesy of Gamasutra: Since launch in November 2008, Home claims to have 7 million users – of which 3 million are in Europe – who have downloaded 6 million items. Average […]

    11 years ago
  • Home downloaded 6.5 million times, revenue not a "priority"

    Speaking to GI, Home director Peter Edward has confirmed that the weirdy PS3 MMO thing has been downloaded more than 6.5 million times.Sony doesn’t intend on milking the app for cash, Edward said, despite its popularity.“We do have a profit and loss on Home, and obviously revenue is an important part of it, just like […]

    12 years ago
  • Sony: We probably announced Home too early

    Speaking with Develop, Home game director Peter Edward said that Sony “probably announced it too early.”“Initially, there was real excitement from people, because we were showing something really different and that had a lot of potential,” he said. “And then there’s the realisation that, well, we probably announced it too early – GDC 07 was […]

    12 years ago