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Diablo III: Wrath now available for viewing

Blizzard has released the Dibalo III short Diablo III: Wrath which details the Eternal Conflict between angels and demons. The short was directed by Peter Chung and animated by Titmouse. It’s below. Game’s out May 15.

8 years ago

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  • Blizzard video goes behind-the-scenes with the making of Diablo III: Wrath

    Blizzard has released a video in which various members of the development team discuss the 2D animated short Diablo III: Wrath. The video features Nick Carpenter, Chris Metzen, James Waugh, director Peter Chung and president and owner of Titmouse, Inc., Chris Prynoski detailing the short’s conception and creation. You can help unlock the short via […]

    8 years ago
  • Get Velvet Assassin graphic novel when you pre-order game

    Those who pre-order Southpeak actioner Velvet Assassin through GameStop will receive a 15+ page digital graphic novel as a thank you. Based, as is the game, on the life of WWII spy Violette Szabo, the graphic novel was designed by Peter Chung, the creator and director of Aeon Flux. Chung previously had his hand in […]

    11 years ago