Pete Smith

EyeToy Kama Sutra once pitched to Sony

SCE producer Pete Smith has told Eurogamer that a company once pitched using the EyeToy to create a Kama Sutra-type application. ‚ÄúSeriously, this was a genuine pitch,” he said. “Obviously we didn’t sign it and it never ever saw the light of day. But we were going, how exactly would we QA it? You can […]

8 years ago

Pete Smith headlines

  • LBP2 Beta coming "fairly soon", says SCEE

    SCEE’s Pete Smith and Lee Cubin revealed during a video interview with 1UP that a Beta for LittleBigPlanet 2 would be coming “fairly soon”.

    10 years ago
  • Media Molecule: "We don't see 2D as a copout"

    Speaking to Kikizo, Sony’s Pete Smith has said that a 3D approach to LittleBigPlanet may not have even been possible, and that plumping for a 2D design wasn’t a “copout”. “Part of the beauty of the game being 2D is that it keeps it really simple, and that really helps,” he said. “If you were […]

    11 years ago
  • Media Molecule may recruit level building gamers for LBP dev team

    According to this CVG story, Media Molecule is going to be watching carefully for star gamer level designers from the LittleBigPlanet community. Turn up something versy special and you may even land yourself a job. “We will be aware of who those awesome designers are and certainly there’s the potential to get them building levels […]

    12 years ago
  • LBP open beta isn't happening

    Little Big Planet community developer Sam Bennett and producer Pete Smith said in an interview with PS3 Fanboy this week that an open beta for LBP will not be happening. We’re sure they said much more than that but that’s all we’re telling you for now. We’re mean like that. We think LittleBigPlanet looks fantastic, […]

    12 years ago