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Sony says Home is “still a top priority”, Edwards was “misquoted”

Sony has gone on the defense over a report from Edge quoting Home director Pete Edwards as stating that Home was “not a top priority”. According to Sony’s PlayStation Home Manager, Edwards was misquoted and misrepresented. “Edwards was saying that monetizing Home was not as big a priority as building a great platform, with a […]

10 years ago

Pete Edwards headlines

  • Sony - Home is not a "priority"

    Sounds as though the grand experiment may be switching off a few lights. PlayStation Home director Pete Edwards admitted at the London Games Conference this week that the online PS3 world doesn’t have “priority” status any more. “It’s been a long road,” he said. “We’ve proved there is a market out there and we’ve got […]

    10 years ago
  • LGC: 40% of the industry's underprepared for digital distribution

    According to discussions set to take place during this month’s London Games Conference, with digital distribution “poised to outstrip traditional retail sales within three years,” 40 percent of the games industry is underprepared for the shift. Speakers during the LGC will address the issue, along with Nick Parker of Parker Consulting, who believes that 2013 […]

    10 years ago