Pes 09

PES 2009 bundle announced for Europe

According to this Kotaku piece, Microsoft’s announced a PES 2009 bundle for Europe, to release on October 24. The pack will retail for £190/€270 and includes 60GB Pro, a single controller and a copy of the game. Bargain. More through the link.

Pes 09 headlines

  • PES 09 Wii movie and screens look amazing

    Konami’s put out new shots and video of the Wii version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, and it looks pretty bloody good. The cut-scene graphics are a tad overboard, especially when you’re used to looking at Animal Crossing. Which we are. Take a look. It’s out next year.

  • Interview: EA Sports marketing boss talks FIFA 09

    FIFA and PES. PES and FIFA. It’s the ball-shaped war that’ll never, ever end. How does EA plan to win this year? Videogaming247 caught up with EA Sports senior marketing manager, John Dongelmans, and had a chat about FIFA 09 and the threat of Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer, multi-platform support, and plenty more. FIFA 09 […]

  • PES 09 demo now on Live

    According to the Major, the PES 09 demo is now up on Live. If you haven’t already had a waz on the PS3 version, which also went live today, you know what to do. So do it.

  • PES09 PC demo released

    Get it now from Gamershell. It’s a 1.06Gb download, which is probably a small price to pay. Blurb: Players are able to select fully licensed Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Barcelona club teams, or the licensed Italian or French national sides. All new visuals with completely remodeled players and animations, and new physics routines […]

  • PES 09 demo for October 2

    Konami’s just confirmed that the Pro Evolution Soccer demo will go live for PS3, 360 and PC on October 2. The game itself is shipping for all formats on October 17. The demo will include “a full five-minute Exhibition multiplayer match,” with players able to select Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Barcelona club teams, […]

  • "General opinion" says FIFA can't match PES gameplay, says Konami's Murphy

    Football War Day entered a new phase this afternoon, as Konami’s John Murphy laid into FIFA, saying concensus suggests PES is, in a nutshell, better. “It is all very well for EA to say that FIFA is making great strides, but general opinion suggests that they still have a long way to go before they […]

  • PES 09 Champions League video released

    After the break. This is in light of the fact Konami’s just announced a four-year deal with the competion. It’s clearly “soccer day” today: the FIFA 09 demo’s been released this morning as well. PES 09’s out in October.

  • PES gets four-year Champions League deal

    Konami’s announced the signing of a four-year Champions League deal for Pro Evolution Soccer. “This deal showcases our commitment to taking PES 2009 forward in terms of licences and realism,” said Konami Europe boss Kunio Neo. “The UEFA Champions League is the jewel in the club competition crown, and is just one of many innovations […]

  • PES 09 trailer released

    After the break. We’re going to keep this brief, because we’ve got a stupid amount to get through. Take a look.

  • Become a Legend mode unveiled for PES 09

    Konami’s put out a beast of a press release on PES 09 today, detailing a Become a Legend mode, billed as the biggest addition to the game this year. ‘Become a Legend’ solo mode… casts the user as a midfielder or striker within a match. Using a default vertical camera view, the player starts as […]

  • PES 2009 launches in US on November 12

    According to this Winning Eleven blog post, PES 2009 will release on the US on November 12. Apparently a “close friend” of the site got this nugget “hot off the press.” There’s been no official announcement. No date’s been given for Europe as yet, but it’s Games Convention later this month so you might get […]

  • Pro Evo 09 confirmed for Wii

    Update: Just asked Konami about this and we were told that until it’s announced for Europe, there’ll be no comment. As if it wasn’t going to happen. The game’s listed for Wii on Konami Japan’s site, as you can see on GoNintendo. If you recall, Wii wasn’t included as a platform in the game’s formal […]

  • Rumour: First PES 09 menu shots posted

    Not sure if these are the real deal, but they look as though they might be. CNG4U’s posted what are apparently the first screens of PES 09. They’re only menu shots, but you know what the game itself’s going to look like, right? Have a swiz.