Sony’s bringing back its translucent controller series with three Crystal DualShock 4 colors

Looking for something a bit more snazzy than the stock DualShock 4 controller? You’re in luck.

Peripherals headlines

  • The best specialist controllers for PS4 - including mouse and keyboard converters

    A DualShock might be a good start but trust us, there’s so much more.

  • The Elgato Stream Deck looks like a cool, handy tool for streamers

    If you like to stream on Twitch or YouTube, you may want to have a look at the Elgato Stream Deck.

  • This amazing Russian gamepad will blow your tiny mind

    The R-Handle looks like a beast to get to grips with.

  • Best gaming mouse - September 2016

    Looking for the best gaming mouse? We’ve gone ahead and put together some of our top picks of the best gaming mice on the market right now.

  • Xbox One third-party headset support in the works, says Microsoft

    Xbox One doesn’t support current-gen peripherals, much to the dismay of anyone who has laid down £150-plus on Turtle Beaches. Microsoft has now issued a statement to say that it’s currently looking at solutions to third-party headset use on its next-gen console.

  • Guitar Hero not dead, just "on hiatus"

    Activision has spoken out about the once mammoth Guitar Hero, saying that “the brand won’t go away”, even if the publisher not planning a new title in the series for the foreseeable future.

  • Nyko details 2011 peripheral line-up at CES

    Nyko’s shown off its 2011 line-up of peripherals at CES, including a new Move gun.

  • Sony expands "official licensing program" for PS peripherals

    Sony wants you to make official bits of PlayStation plastic. It’s extending its “Official License Program” to peripheral manufacturers in Japan, Asia, North America and Europe, the company said today. What do you get if you sign up? Access to PlaySation tech docs and a nice logo on your packaging. It’s the dream, made real. […]

  • THQ is developing its own gaming peripheral

    THQ is working on its own gaming peripheral, which is expected to land sometime in 2010. Speaking with the LA Business Journal, CEO Brian Farrell said that the controller-based title will give THQ an advantage over the competition. “We have something that we think is different from anything else out there and will give us […]

  • Peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz reports $26.9 million loss

    Peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz has reported a net loss of $26.9 million for its latest financial quarter, despite a 19 percent increase in sales to $41 million. Losses from Q3, ending December 31, stemmed from higher royalty and shipping costs, as well as new product development hires, the company said. Mad Catz recently revealed the […]

  • Rock Thunder Guitar for Wii works with Rock Band and Guitar Hero

    Talismoon has announced a new guitar controller, shaped like the Gibson Flying V, called the “Rock Thunder Guitar.” What’s cool about it is its compatibility with all versions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band for Wii. And it’s wireless, has a five position switch for choosing guitar effects, and a tactile feedback strum bar. The […]

  • Add-ons no longer on the periphery, says Sony is running a rather interesting article about how add-ons have enabled publishers to tap into a completely different market than the so-called ‘hardcore gamer’. “SingStar’s microphones, Buzz’s game show buzzers and, especially, Guitar Hero’s guitar-shaped controllers, have spawned a new category of game peripherals that tap in to an audience wanting more than point-and-shoot […]