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  • Penny Arcade surveys 40,000 gamers on net speed and console ownership

    Penny Arcade’s surveyed 38,350 readers on their gaming preferences, which has to be the largest sample of its type. Like, ever. It’s well worth a nose. The average age of those questioned is 26, and 94 percent of them are male. They’re not too keen on PS3 either, apparently. Console Ownership: PC: 86.3% Xbox 360: […]

  • Penny Arcade’s annual Child’s Play charity comes to a close, demolishes records

    Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play charity – which sees gamers of all walks of life and stations of play donate cash to sick children in hospitals – recently wrapped up its 08/09 campaign. The final tally? Excuse us for a moment as we shove aside a few words to make space for this gargantuan number. $1,434,377. […]

  • PAX organizers not afraid of new E3, say ESA approaching it from “wrong angle”

    Before yesterday’s announcement of the new E3, many considered Penny Arcade Expo to be “the new E3.” So, now that the industry’s best-known conference has popped a few pills and stormed out of the ICU, is PAX feeling the heat? Nope. Not even a bit. “I … can’t imagine it stealing any of our thunder,” […]

  • PAX 2008 already bigger than last year's show

    According to this Gamespot report, PAX 2008 pre-registration for PAX 2008 has already supposed that total attendance of last year’s show. The event, which takes place on August 29-31 in Seattle, has beaten last year’s figure of 39,000 with two weeks to go. Join the crowds. It’s supposed to be a great show. See on […]

  • East coast PAX announced for 2010

    This, ESA, is how you do a games show. Penny Arcade’s announced an East Coast version of PAX, scheduled to happen for the first time in 2010. Said Tycho: People sometimes call PAX “The New E3,” but that never sat right. It’s better to say that PAX is everything E3 isn’t. We made it the […]

  • PAX announces attendees, looks cool

    We so want to go to PAX 2008. The Penny Arcade showed announced its list of attending companies today, and it’s looking good. The show itself is taking place from August 29-31 at the Washington State Trade and Convention Center in Seattle. After the link.

  • Penny Arcade launches digital download service

    Penny Arcade’s launched Greenhouse, a digital distribution service aimed at indie developers, ahead of the launch of its own adventure game. “The Greenhouse is a new distribution platform operated by Greenhouse Interactive, dedicated to supporting independent game development worldwide,” said blurb on the site. “We help indie developers get their games into the hands of […]

  • Penny Arcade offers $10,000 scholarship

    If you’re an American student and you’re looking to get into the games industry, Penny Arcade could be the saviour your finances are looking for. The site’s offering a single $10,000 scholarship to help you on your way. Take a look at this. Applications need to be submitted before April 30.

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