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  • PEGI traffic light ratings to go live in Europe this spring

    According to this GI story, PEGI’s traffic light symbols are to go live in Europe this spring. The ratings body will tweak it’s original design after the BBFC said it would take legal advise over the fact it all looked a bit “similar” to its own symbols. “PEGI has agreed those changes and they will […]

  • ELSPA tells Labour: BBFC is not fit for purpose

    ELSPA boss Paul Jackson has told the Labour Party that the BBFC is not fit for purpose as a ratings system for UK games. Jackson was speaking at a Labour Party Conference fringe event, where he once again claimed that a PEGI-only solution for the UK was the right choice. “A linear ratings system like […]

  • Assassins' Altair promotes PEGI

    An Assassins Creed-themed PEGI video hit Danish television this week, of a man dressed as Altair telling parents about violence and the appropriateness of certain games for their children. This isn’t all the Danes have done to bring parents up to speed, however. A website entitled Mediarådet (Media Advice) has been set up with a […]

  • Ubi, Sega, Nintendo and EA officially back PEGI

    ELSPA put out a press release this morning dripping with quotes from “senior leaders of the UK and European video games industry” that supports PEGI as the sole rater of UK games. “The Government’s proposed changes will create extra administration and cause delays in getting hit games into the hands of British consumers,” said EA […]

  • PEGI ratings performed by 'a couple of blokes', says BBFC

    Destructoid‘s reporting that BBFC’s David Cooke has said that PEGI ratings are given by “a couple of blokes.” The quote comes from an interview with The Times newspaper, where Cooke says, “The trouble is that it is not clear who PEGI is. Administration is handled by the Dutch film regulator, who subcontracts to a couple […]

  • Stop slagging us off, says riled BBFC

    BBFC boss David Cooke’s responded angrily to recent concerns over the affects of Byron Report proposals that will lend the body responsibility to rate all adult games. Both EA and Microsoft have hit out at the plans, saying games are likely to become later and more expensive in Britain. Not so, said Cooke. “The BBFC’s […]

  • Satchell: "We don’t need BBFC or PEGI"

    Speaking at Gamehorizon in Newcastle this morning, Microsoft’s XNA boss, Chris Satchell, has said that user generated content can be responsibly rated by an audience of its creators’ peers – and doesn’t need any intervention from the BBFC or PEGI. “PEGI and the BBFC simply are not going to be able to rate community content. […]

  • 37% of 16-49 year-olds in UK are "active gamers"

    A piece of Nielsen research has shown that in the UK, 37 percent of those aged between 16 and 49 describe themselves as “active gamers,” defined as currently playing games on a console, handheld device or PC. The report found that the same is true for 28 percent of the population in the same age […]

  • BBFC: Our testers are better gamers than PEGI's

    Speaking to GI, BBFC director David Cooke has moved to assure the games trade that the people now responsible for rating games in the UK are well into them, like. So much so, in fact, that he’s claimed the BBFC’s testers are better gamers than those at European organisation PEGI. “The point I want to […]

  • PEGI boss in "work for the good of the people" shock

    PEGI boss madman Patrice Chazerand has come to the ridiculous conclusion that people should stop thinking about competition between the BBFC and PEGI and focus on how the two ratings bodies can work together for the good of the British people. “I don’t know if I’m being too visionary, but I think we should stop […]

  • PEGI is best for UK, says EA

    Here. EA boss Keith Ramsdale still thinks PEGI’s the best choice to rate UK games, despite confirmation that the BBFC will be rating all games meant for 12 year-olds and over in the wake of the Byron Report. “As an Industry we have been unanimously clear that there should be a single system and that […]

  • BBFC to rate all games over the age of 12 in the UK

    According to this, the BBFC will now rate all games in the UK meant for gamers over the age of 12. From the piece: Under [Byron’s] proposals, backed unanimously by DCMS Minister Andy Burnham and DCSF Minister Ed Balls, the UK film censor’s well-known symbols will be on the front of all game boxes for […]

  • PEGI site reveals massive PSN games list

    Blimey. Looks like not buying a PS3 may be an actual error soon. These games are taken from PEGI’s site as being rated for PSN, so there’s no further information or release dates yet, assuming these are coming out for the download service at all. Bust a Groove (Other/Music games) Crash Bandicoot 3 (Action/Platform) Colony […]

  • PEGI better than BBFC, says Microsoft

    Giving evidence to a Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee today, Matt Lambert, Microsoft’s head of corporate affairs in the UK, said that the PEGI ratings system was better than the BBFC version. “If there’s going to be one ratings system, it should be PEGI,” he said. “With PEGI, they think very carefully about age […]

  • BBFC: "We don’t know what Dr Byron is going to recommend"

    The BBFC has admitted is doesn’t know what Tanya Byron’s going to recommend in her report to the government about UK games regulation next month, but has said that it’s prepared to take on the job of classifying all games for Britain is necessary. “We don’t know what Dr Byron is going to recommend, but […]

  • PEGI people warn over planned changes to UK classification

    The Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE) isn’t happy over reported plans to change UK games classifications, saying that bringing in a cinema-style system to handle regulation would be a “step backwards”. “I would resent the idea of equating games to movies,” said ISFE director general Patrice Chazerand. “It’s a step backwards. If we are […]

  • Games hit UK frontpages as evidence mounts over impending political "clampdown"

    Following this week’s news that wary glances are being cast behind the scenes of Tanja Byron’s upcoming report, British national daily The Guardian is this morning carrying, “Ministers plan clampdown on ‘unsuitable’ video games” as its main headline. The story mirrors earlier reports this week in that it claims the Byron Report is to recommend […]

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