Pecover Vs. Electronic Arts

EA’s NFL Monopoly class-action lawsuit checks being sent

Checks are in the mail to the claimants in Electronic Arts’ football monopoly class-action lawsuit, in which the company settled out of court to pay $27 million in lawyers fees and payouts to users. To users who submitted their claim prior to May 15th these year, $20 were awarded for every copy of Madden or […]

6 years ago

Pecover Vs. Electronic Arts headlines

  • EA Madden monopoly suit payouts stymied by legal costs appeal

    The $27 million EA must payout as the result of a class-action lawsuit over its NFL monopoly has been tied up by an appeal by one of the claimants. Kotaku reports one beneficiary of the suit has filed an objection to the lawyer’s fees involved in the case. The suit dates back to 2008 and […]

    6 years ago
  • EA settles Madden monopoly lawsuit

    A class-action lawsuit claiming EA Sports’ exclusive on the NFL football license constitutes an illegal monopoly has been finalized.

    7 years ago