Star Wars: The Old Republic – new shots

CVG’s posted a PCZone preview of BioWare MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, a piece containing a few new screens. The one with the Sith fighting the big lobster thing’s taken from the gameplay movie shown at the title’s reveal last month. No date yet. PC-only. Off you go.

11 years ago

Pczone headlines

  • PC Zone gives Crysis: Warhead 92%

    PC Zone’s given Crysis: Warhead 92 percent, the first review score in the world, as far as we’re aware. According to this piece: With its budget price and improved multiplayer, there’s more than enough here to cheer nay-sayers. One of the most striking things about Warhead is the way it shakes the template Crysis snowglobe […]

    11 years ago