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Hardcore mode coming to Minecraft soon

Every death is the end of the world. Literally.

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  • PC Gamer rubbishes FFXIV with 30% review score

    UK mag PC Gamer has dropped a 30 percent review score on FFXIV, saying the MMO has “one of the most heinous interfaces ever devised”.

  • PC Gamer warns people off Elemental, Wardell apologises for argument

    PC Gamer has issued a warning to those looking to pick up Stardock-published turn-based strategy game Elemental that the game has been the subject of a “disastrous launch” and punters should “stay well away”.

  • Future calls out Imagine for not publishing circulation figures

    Future Publishing is wondering why its rival, Imagine Publishing, has not released circulation figures since launching Total PC Gaming in 2007. As you do. Speaking in an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, James Binns was curious as to why the publisher had yet to reveal an ABC for the title. “What’s interesting in the PC market is […]

  • PC Gamer gives GTA IV PC 92%

    According to this BeefJack post, PC Gamer’s given GTA IV 92 percent in its review. There’s a précis of the review through there. It’s the first score we can see: there’s nothing on Metacritic yet.

  • PC Gamer's Spore review published

    PC Gamer’s 91 percent Spore review’s been published online, as you can see here. As reported yesterday, the German PC mags have been less kind to the EA epic, with Gamestar and PC Games giving it 79 and 73 percent respectively. Online reviews in Europe are embargoed until the game releases on Friday.

  • PC Gamer gives S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky 6.8, fate sealed

    That’s it, really. PC Gamer’s given S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky a miserable 6.8/10, as you can see on CVG. Probably won’t play it, if we’re being honest. Get more sad-smiley-face scores here.

  • PC Gamer reviews Spore in latest issue

    UK mag PC Gamer has published the first UK review of EA’s Christmas mega-risk, Spore. It’s not what you’d think, either. The mag’s given it 91 percent, questioning a “completely unacceptable” lack of auto-save and saying the game’s “biggest, dumbest and most easily fixable flaw” is the inability to back out of wars you accidentally […]

  • PC Gamer US gets first look at Crysis Warhead, cover

    PC Gamer US has shown it’ll have the first look at Crysis Warhead in next issue, due out June 24. “This announcement answers a lot of questions,” says the mag, “like why did Crytek cancel plans for a Crysis 1.3 patch (’cause they’re too busy building an awesome new game!) – but asks so many […]

  • PC Gamer offers free Age of Conan item

    According to this massively story, the current issue of PC Gamer offers readers a free Age of Conan item. Apparently, the freebie’s called the Totem of Origins, and lets the player teleport back to their home city once every 24 hours. Doesn’t make your tits bigger though, does it? We assume this is US-only. More […]

  • Dawn of War II and 40K MMO in next PC Gamer

    Gamesradar’s posted the next cover of the US PC Gamer, which includes more details on Dawn of War II, based on a trip a couple of weeks ago to see Relic in Vancouver. The mag’s also promising details on the upcoming Vigil-developed 40K MMO, which THQ boss Brian Farrell yesterday said was years off. The […]