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PC Gamer UK gets first full reboot since 1993

PC Gamer UK has been relaunched with a new design to reflect the changing face of PC gaming. GamesRadar asked the magazine’s editor, Ross Atherton, what readers can expect with the change. “In a world full of delicious websites such why would people spend cash on games magazines? In a nutshell, we’ve made it better,”  […]

11 years ago

PC Gamer UK headlines

  • Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising is "mind-bogglingly vast"

    CVG is reporting that the latest issue of PC Gamer UK contains a huge Operation Flashpoint 2 reveal. The mag says that the tactical shooter is “the most mind-bogglingly vast and mercilessly realistic battlefield gaming has ever known,” adding, “It’s a game being built to exacting specifications by military obsessives, to simulate the authentic behaviour […]

    12 years ago