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  • Splash Damage stays mum on DLC plans for Brink

    Anyone on the edge of their seats on possible Brink DLC plans may want to move back an inch or two: developer Splash Damage is saying nowt.

  • Splash Damage: Brink to reward more players for altruism in co-op

    Splash Damage boss Paul Wedgwood has told VG247 that super-shooter Brink will reward selfless players in co-op games.

  • Interview: Brink (part two) - Splash Damage's Paul Wedgwood

    Brink is downright fucking awesome. We know because we saw it at a pre-E3 Bethesda event outside Paris last week. The demo was split into two, showing us one part of the story as Security and one as Resistance, with the game’s impressive scale of customisation shown off in-between. Needless to say, “downright fucking awesome”. […]

  • Brink's Wedgwood: RAGE is "probably one of the best-looking games I’ve ever seen"

    Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood has admitted that RAGE is quite possibly “one of the best-looking games” he’s ever seen.

  • Splash Damage: No platform "superior or inferior" in Brink

    Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood has said if you’re worried about any bias the studio may give to a specific platform, then you should have no worries: the game won’t be “superior or inferior” on consoles or PC.

  • Brink boss: PS3 tech is "alien"

    Brink head Paul Wedgwood has singled out PS3’s technology as a main worry for the project, describing its workings as “alien”. “I would say that the biggest challenge is that transition from being a pure PC studio to a multiplatform one,” he told Eurogamer in an interview. “To me as a game director there are […]

  • Brink boss - PC-only sales cannot "justify" triple-A budgets

    Splash Damage boss Paul Wedgwood has said that PC-only projects simply cannot attract enough money from publishers to create triple-A results. “About two or three years ago we realised that we really wouldn’t survive if we only made PC games, since purely making PC games was incompatible with our goal of making triple-A games,” said […]

  • Brink single-player to "compete" with "Halo, Call of Duty, Gears"

    Brink’s single-player will be comparible in size – and quality, from what we saw of it today – to the biggest names in the action business, Splash Damage boss Paul Wedgwood said in his EG Expo session this afternoon. When asked how long the game’s story would be, the developer said: “In terms of unique […]

  • Splash Damage boss: Halo 2 clans "kicked my ass"

    Splash Damage head Paul Wedgwood may be an expert at PC FPS, but his experiences of sorting out console control for multi-platformer Brink left him bloodied. “I went out and played with some of the pro clans, in games like Halo 2 and stuff, and they just kicked my ass,” he said, talking in a […]

  • Wedgwood - Brink signifies "critical moment just prior to catastrophe or success"

    Splash Damage boss Paul Wedgwood’s explained the thinking behind the title of his upcoming shooter Brink, saying the name is supposed to signify the “critical moment just prior to catastrophe or success”. “You know, the reason I love the name ‘Brink’ is because – well, the literal definition of the term is ‘the edge of […]

  • Splash Damage boss on Brink, PS3 and "cocks"

    Interview by Nathan Grayson. Splash Damage’s Paul Wedgwood is living the dream. The UK developer’s working on a massive shooter project for Bethesda in a new, wholly-created IP in Brink, and has been given the opportunity to cherry-pick some of the biggest names in game-making to do so (“Our lead character artist is the guy […]

  • Splash Damage boss: "Fair to assume" Brink will have DLC

    Splash Damage owner Paul Wedgwood has told VG247 that post-release DLC support is a company trait likely to impact Brink. “Splash Damage have a reputation for always doing post-launch support, and Bethesda are exactly the same,” said the exec. “If you look at the amount of downloadable content there is for Fallout 3, I think […]

  • Splash Damage has "rules of engagement," doesn't like ports

    Splash Damage boss Paul Wedgwood said at Game Horizon this week that he’s got “rules of engagement” about how he runs the company. We’re assuming he was holding a riding crop when he delivered his speech. “Our rules of engagement for the business were don’t work on movie licenses, don’t work on ports, don’t do […]

  • MetaCritic pressure on devs is "ridiculous," says Splash Damage boss

    Splash Damage studio director Paul Wedgwood has said that the fact some developers’ bonuses are dependent on a MetaCritic average is “ridiculous” and he feels the percentage scoring system on games reviews needs to be looked at. “Personally I think it’s ridiculous,” Wedgwood told GI when asked about an instance where a dev team was […]

  • Halo 3 multiplayer is "Quake 3 from 1999," says Wedgwood

    Speaking to Edge, Splash Damage founder Paul Wedgwood has claimed the Halo 3’s online play is an antiquated beast, and that depth is lacking from console gaming in general. “Arguably, and this is not to dismiss what people have achieved in the past, but Halo 3 multiplayer is really Quake 3 from 1999,” he said. […]

  • Charitable handouts a complete pile of toss, says Wedgwood

    Speaking with GI at Develop last week, Paul Wedgwood, the man behind Splash Damage, said that the idea of the UK games industry receiving tax breaks is “a complete pile of toss.” “I absolutely love game development in the UK,” he said. “I just don’t like all this rubbish about us needing charitable handouts to […]

  • Bethesda Splash Damage game running on PS3 and Xbox 360, announcement "later this year"

    Speaking exclusive to VG247 at Develop in Brighton yesterday, Splash Damage owner and creative boss Paul Wedgwood confirmed that the company’s Bethesda-funded game will be a multi-format affair. “We’re about six months in and we have the basics up and running on the PS3, and 360’s pretty straightforward,” said the exec. “We haven’t announced the […]

  • Splash Damage: "Bethesda would be unhappy if we weren't actively trying to kick their arse"

    Speaking exclusively to VG247 at Develop in Brighton yesterday, Splash Damage boss Paul Wedgwood said that the firm’s upcoming, Bethesda-funded game would be seen on a par with Fallout 3 in terms of importance, and that the developer was striving to match its sugar-daddy’s RPG in terms of quality. “I think Bethesda would be unhappy […]

  • GDC: Splash Damage says new action IP will be "deeper than Enemy Territory"

    Talking to videogaming247 ahead of GDC in San Francisco today, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars developer Splash Damage has confirmed that it’s now working on a brand new IP – an action project leading on PC – and that it will be as “deep, or deeper” than last year’s id franchise-shooter. The studio is currently negotiating […]

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